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This club is for the users of Lightroom Classic CC. Please feel free to join the club and participate in the discussions. We share tips and tricks here!

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  2. I just updated. There are some interesting new features, including the depth range selection tool and a simplified HDR-Pano process. Now you only have to select all your images and the tool will figure out what to make HDR of and then how to stitch them in one fell swoop.
  3. I use LR all the time but I still learnt something new from this video. Thanks for posting Dallas.
  4. Here's Nigel Danson again with some tips on how he uses Lightroom. Hope you enjoy!
  5. blurmagic

    Deal on LR Presets

    About 20% are HDR presents. Some are graduated presets.
  6. Dallas

    Deal on LR Presets

    Thanks for the heads up, Dave. Are these HDR presets? As you say, Trey has some pretty wild leanings.
  7. . Yesterday I saw that Trey Ratcliffs LR Presets were on sale (over 200 of them in a bundle that normally sell for $89 USD were now on sale for $49). Well, I bought them with PayPal and stayed up LATE last night trying out each preset on the types of images that I typically shoot. I found that maybe about 50 of them were way too wild and crazy for my taste, but the rest were definite keepers. As with all presets, one can tweak the settings a bit to make a preset just right. I thought is was money well spent, and I'm sure to be using these presets frequently in the future.
  8. Monthly by direct debit, obviously Adobe picked up that my debit card was running out. Hence Adobe sent me an email requesting an update to my details!
  9. Do you pay annually, Mike? They bill me monthly.
  10. Can’t say I’ve noticed any significant differences! recently my subscription came up for renewal, that clashed with me waiting for my new debit card, Adobe gave me two free months to help solve the problem( well done Tuleka)! The new version seems no faster or slower than before! Haven’t fallen foul of any new tweaks yet, so I presume they are not too radical?
  11. Glenn, that sounds weird. I wish I had an answer for you, but perhaps there is something about it on the Photoshop Family support site? The reps there paid attention to the issue I mentioned above, so there might be some others with the same problem you're having. I really need to cut my enormous catalog up into smaller pieces. I only have one and I think it probably contains over 100k images now.
  12. I use one catalog with a new year every year, and sub folder in each year. Every year I have a folder called Junk, I had about 70 images in this folder before the last upgrade. After the upgrade it started doing some kind of sync and I now have 499 images in my 2018 Junk folder....what happened?
  13. I believe that they have now allowed users to switch off the annoying preset preview when hovering over the preset lists. I stopped downloading the releases when they wanted to replace 7.2 (which works exactly the way I need it to) so I am not sure if they have also taken care of the performance issues that were happening even after switching those previews off. What I discovered was that even though the screen wasn't showing the preset in the loupe, the system was still processing it as if it was, which was causing a drop in performance. This caused the selected preset to lag behind when moving the cursor across lists of them. Annoying enough for me to not install 7.4. Let me know what your thoughts are on the latest release. PS you need to join this club to post a reply to this topic.
  14. Once I get all my ducks in a row I will be using this club area to share some tips and tricks on how I use Lightroom CC Classic. I am also now on the beta testers group so I get advance copies of the application to test out. I'm looking forward to exchanging ideas with other users of the software in here. Please feel free to join and invite other members too. If you ar eunsure of how anything in this club works just holler my way and I will help figure it out for you.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    This is a preset I use on most of the images I take with the Olympus E-M1. It is very basic, but adds a bit of depth to the colours and overall visual punch.


  • Headliners

    • Antarctic Sunset
      At the end of a long day, Antarctica served  up a spectacular light show.  All these photos were taken in the space of less than an hour.
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    • The Mind and Photography: an ongoing process.
      Yes, I know I am repeating myself in saying that photography is a more precise medium than video. We sincerely love video because it is live, it is colorful, it is soundly, it is cinematographic. It is fiery tail on our animated visual and earring senses.
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    • Migrating Apple Aperture Libraries To Capture One Catalogs
      For those interested in migrating Apple Aperture libraries to Capture One I created this video that illustrates the process and details what metadata and organizational structure is migrated into Capture One.
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    • Flash Memories from an autosport photographer (1987-2001)
      Many people that I have known during my active fifteen years in motorsport photography were very curious about the "glamour" side of the job (assignment). But .... almost all of us (mainly men along with a few courageous women) were mainly motorsport fanatics that are loving at first auto racing and ... were dreaming to be themselves real racers.
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    • Platon & Dylan McDermott
      This was a really good interview, covering some very interesting subjects. Enjoy it and let me know what you thought of it. 
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