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This is a special area of Fotozones dedicated to our friend, Mike Gorman who departed this world on 20 October 2020. This area will serve as a place for members to share their memories of Mike and to post images that remind us of him.
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  2. Dallas

    Mike G remembered

    Life is indeed fragile. I’m sorry that you and Mike weren’t able to have your meetup.
  3. Such sad news you delivered to us Dallas. I have enjoyed Mike's contributions to the Forum from way back and it was only a few months ago we agreed to meet up in London for a chat. Sadly that didn't happen with all of the restrictions under Covid. I shall miss the pics of his River Cruises and the oddball stuff from his neighbourhood. RIP Mike.
  4. Dallas, thank you for this tribute to Mike. I remember Mike from Nikongear, then here and lastly at Fuji X. The tribute photo here looks in my eyes to the way he sounded when he posted. A little bit stern, a little bit with a twinkle in his eye, and always fun to be around. Roger
  5. Thank you so much for doing that, Anthony.
  6. I sent a copy of your comments to Mike's daughter Rachel. This is her response. Hi Anthony, Thank you, they are lovely comments, I will share them with my family. Please pass on my thanks to everyone who sent condolences, reading them I could imagine my dad and picture him. I have seen Dave, the cat a few times on my visits to the house while we are sorting things out, I can only think he’s wondering where the guy that used to feed him is, we have still been putting food out for him. I don’t know what Dad’s fascination with the mini was but going through his computer there are a great many pictures of them, we were wondering why, now I know he liked to share them on the forums, I know one of his favourite films was The Italian Job. Kind regards Rachel
  7. Andrew L (gryphon1911)

    In Memory Of Mike Gorman

    I know I have not posted here in quite some time. Mike was a member of another forum and we continued our discussions over there. Mike was a great soul and I'm very sad that he is no longer with us. However, I am blessed to have been able to call him a friend and have many meaningful and lighthearted interactions with him. He will be sorely missed by many. My prayers and best wishes go out to his family. Even when you know something like this is going on, it is still not easy. Rest In Piece, Mike!
  8. I'm very sad we don't have his presence here anymore and to know we won't read any more of his humorous posts. I wish he is enjoying colorful photographs in Heaven. He had no appreciation on black and white. RIP Mike.
  9. I learnt to drive @ 16 in a mini 850, and my brother & sister both had 1275 Cooper S's, so I can sympathise with them sticking around your consciousness .. So sorry to see Mike go, he will certainly be missed ! cheers, Maurice
  10. Dallas, Sorry to read this sad news. My condolences to his family and friends. May his memory be a blessing. Robert
  11. That's a great tribute, Dallas.
  12. Hugh_3170

    In Memory Of Mike Gorman

    A very nice gesture Dallas towards our old mate - so take a bow yourself!
  13. Earlier this year, shortly after we went into global lock downs for the coronavirus I noticed that my friend and almost constant visitor to Fotozones, Mike Gorman, was no longer logging in to the site. This was obviously very alarming to me because not seeing Mike active on FZ was not normal. I sent him an email but heard nothing back. Weeks passed and there was still no sign of Mike. I asked Anthony Macaulay who had previously met up with Mike for photography outings in London if he had any idea what might have happened, so Anthony did what he could to see if he could get hold of him. Eventually after some time Anthony discovered that Mike had been admitted to hospital, not for Covid19, but for treatment of brain cancer. Sadly there was no positive outlook for Mike as the prognosis was terminal. Weeks stretched to months and through Anthony's help I managed to get some text messages to Mike, who had in the interim managed to log in here once, but then must have forgotten his password. I tried to reset this for him manually but it must have been very difficult for Mike in his condition to follow the instructions and he was unable to gain access using whatever device he had with him. A couple of days ago I asked Anthony if he had heard anything more from Mike and he said he would try and send him an email. News back from Mike's daughter was that he had passed away on the 20th of October. I remember when Mike first joined up on the old Nikongear site back in 2008. The forum had only been going for a couple of years at the time, but it was really very rowdy with thousands of active members. Mike took an active role and almost immediately got into trouble with the moderators we had at the time for saying something that somebody didn't agree with. My first thought was that we may have inherited yet another problematic member because he didn't take kindly to the moderation at all (who ever does, right?), but once I explained what had transpired he shrugged it off and in his own charming way said something like "Hey-ho, that's OK". From that moment on he and I got along pretty well. Over the years Mike suffered from some serious GAS. I mean, he changed camera systems three times in the last few years and every time he did he went into his new system thoroughly, making sure he bought the best of everything available. From Nikon to Fujifilm, to Micro Four Thirds and then back to Nikon. I reckon his local camera shop is probably mourning his departure quite badly. Sorry, bad humour, I know. He also loved his Apple gadgets and of course his neighbourhood feral cat, Dave. Over the years we saw many images of Dave as Mike took care of him. One of the things that will stick with me about Mike is his penchant for photographing Mini cars. We saw many of them from Mike and so I encourage members to not only use this Memorial area to post images of your own Mini sightings, but also of anything that reminds you of our dear friend Mike Gorman. RIP, Mike. I will miss you.
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