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Nikon-Logo.pngWelcome To The Nikon Users Zone!


The Nikon 35mm camera system is one of the oldest interchangeable lens systems around and remains hugely popular with many photographers. There are probably more Nikon lenses available for use on modern cameras today than any other brand since the F mount has been around since 1959 and most lenses made for it are still usable (to varying degrees) on most bodies made since that time, both film and digital. 


In recent times Nikon has introduced a new Z designation lens mount for use on its mirrorless camera bodies. As this system grows we encourage our strong family of Nikon users to interact in this zone, sharing technical advice and images to help each other understand it better. That is not to say that the older F mount system is obsolete. Far from it, Nikon users worldwide still make wonderful images with DSLR's and SLR's sporting the Nikon Emblem. 



The Nikon Lens Database


Over the years Fotozones has been collecting user opinions on a variety of old and new Nikkor lenses which have been neatly organised in our own custom made database. If you have used any of the lenses in the database and would like to leave your comments about it, as well as perhaps an image or two, please go check it out HERE


If the lens you are interested in isn't included in the database please let us know and we will add it. 



Enjoy & Invite!


Please enjoy this facility that has been designed specifically for our Nikon users. There is a dedicated user gallery where subscribing members can upload images and receive feedback on them, as well as a dedicated Questions area. Everything here works the same as it does on our regular forum, but if you run into any issues please let us know.


Please invite your friends to join up here on Fotozones. :) 


If you would like to become more involved in the leadership of this zone please get in touch with @Dallas via private message. 

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