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  2. Nice, I like this kind of solution. I use this nifty desk https://bluelounge.com/products/studiodesk/ It enables me to neatly hide quite a lot of cables and disks.
  3. Awesome Luc. That’s my next thing to upgrade. Believe it or not, my old Mac Mini from 2010 is still running. It’s slow as a tortoise but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. I use it to run things that won’t run on the modern MacOS, like the Airport Utility that lets me set up the even more ancient, but still perfectly functional AirPort Extreme that I use for AirPlay. I have my 2012 MacBook Pro connected to this Cinema Display but it’s hidden in a perfect gap between the door and the trolley. That laptop is a 2012 13” model which I upgraded to 16GB of RAM with an SSD about the time I got the iMac that I do most of my editing on. It’s not too shabby speed wise, which has me thinking that I might just do the same for the iMac. The guy I bought my iMac from has a 2015 5K version he wants to sell me so I’m a bit torn now on what to do because he’s selling it at a decent price and it obviously still has all the USB-A ports, which means I can eek out more years service from my old hardware. One thing about Apple products that I have come to appreciate over the years is their incredible longevity.
  4. Nice, and a great bargain. Your desk looks nice and even more minimalistic than mine, which I thought was almost impossible 😉 I also bought something from Apple, a Mac mini with the fastest 3,2 GHz6-core i7 processor. Plus two La Cie 4tb external disks with USB-C connectivity. Everything is up and running swiftly.
  5. I was out with my wife today doing a little bit of shopping in preparation for our upcoming holiday (first time in 30 years that we are actually going on a real holiday together). I walked into one of the local tech stores hoping to see what the Apple Magic Mouse costs these days. This particular store (big chain) keeps the Apple accessories down on a shelf under the iPads and MacBooks. They have just about everything. My eyes widened when I saw that they had a Magic Trackpad 2 priced at ZAR1100 (about $75). No way, I thought. That must be some kind of a mistake. So I quickly took myself upstairs to the real iStore and enquired about the price of this thing there. ZAR2850 ($195). Hot-footed it back downstairs to the other store, asked them to please confirm the price on their system, got an affirmative answer, paid my money and walked around the mall smiling like a Cheshire cat! It seems to be a lot more sensitive than my old original one, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. BTW, this is my new makeshift standing desk. I had originally intended to use it for product demos, but now it looks so cool I think I'll just leave it there. It's basically just an old door I found under my house (the one I used in the last ThinkTank review I made), covered it in some vinyl and plonked it atop a trestle and a chromed trolley I was given a while back.
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