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Migrating Apple Aperture Libraries To Capture One Catalogs

Walter Rowe

For those interested in migrating Apple Aperture libraries to Capture One I created this video that illustrates the process and details what metadata and organizational structure is migrated into Capture One. Here are some notes I made while testing this process over and over again in preparation to make the video.


What Aperture Library information is imported into the Capture One Catalog

  • Image files are imported into Capture One by reference
  • Aperture Color Labels import correctly to Capture One Color Labels
  • AA Color Labels – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray
  • CO Color Labels – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple
  • NOTE: AA purple translates to CO pink, AA gray translates to CO purple
  • AA Duplicate Versions become CO Variants
  • All keywords and IPTC metadata come over (flattened due to an Aperture deficiency)
  • All ratings come over


What Aperture Library information is NOT imported into the Capture One Catalog

  • Flags – suggest filtering for flagged images in AA and add special keyword
  • Custom Metadata – Move custom metadata field information to standard IPTC fields
  • Keyword Structure – Aperture keyword field does support nested keywords
  • Image Stacks – Capture One only stacks variants of the same image (Versions) – I recommend making an album of each stack if you want to preserve it. Aperture albums are imported as Capture One albums.
  • Books, Slideshows, Light Tables, Web Journals, Web Pages


Organization of Aperture Libraries vs Capture One User Collections

  • CO creates a top level Group (Folder) with the name of the AA Library that was imported
  • All AA organization structure is imported and placed within this top level CO Group
  • Aperture Projects become Capture One Projects
  • Aperture Folders become Capture One Groups (Folders)
  • Aperture Albums become Capture One Albums
  • Aperture nested Folders become Capture One nested Groups
  • CO creates an Album in each imported Project containing all images from corresponding AA Project


How do Aperture and Capture One Differ

  • Aperture associates images with Projects
  • Capture One associates images with Albums
  • Aperture Versions can reside in different Albums
  • Capture One Variants are kept together in all Albums
  • AA Stacks are not retained in CO does not have an equivalent
  • CO Stacks can only stack all of the variants of a single image
  • Selecting a Folder in Aperture WILL display all the images it contains
  • Selecting a Group in Capture One will NOT display all the images it contains


How are Aperture and Capture One Similar

  • Selecting a Project displays all the images in all the Albums it contains
  • Capture One Projects cannot contain other Projects
  • Changing Inspector / Tool Tab panels does NOT change browser/viewer


Full Disclosure: I am a Capture One affiliate. I earn a small referral fee if you use my affiliate link to purchase subscriptions, licenses, style packs and bundles.



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Great contribution, Walter - thanks for publishing on Fotozones! 


If any other members would like to contribute an article and join the group of Contributors we have on FZ please check out the guidelines on how to submit. :) 

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