▶︎ Live As If It Were Impossible To Fail


Some time back I came across the work of famous YouTuber Casey Neistat. I guess you could say I got addicted to his channel because I watch almost everything he makes now. There's a silly little part of me that believes he somehow broke into my matrix to steal my mojo and is living the perfect life I always wanted to live: travel, stuff, money, fame, happiness, inner peace, etc. 


I've often wondered why, after all the work I have put in, that I don't have all the success he has. I have some of it, but there are some infrastructural gaps in the assembly that I have been trying hard to fill. So it was refreshing to find this video, which is a compilation (made by Ben Seto) of his "life advice" on coming to the place we call "success". A lot of really good nuggets in this piece, especially if you are trying hard to make it in the creative space (as I have been toiling to do for a loooong time). 



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