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Some time back I came across the work of famous YouTuber Casey Neistat. I guess you could say I got addicted to his channel because I watch almost everything he makes now. There's a silly little part of me that believes he somehow broke into my matrix to steal my mojo and is living the perfect life I always wanted to live: travel, stuff, money, fame, happiness, inner peace, etc. 


I've often wondered why, after all the work I have put in, that I don't have all the success he has. I have some of it, but there are some infrastructural gaps in the assembly that I have been trying hard to fill. So it was refreshing to find this video, which is a compilation (made by Ben Seto) of his "life advice" on coming to the place we call "success". A lot of really good nuggets in this piece, especially if you are trying hard to make it in the creative space (as I have been toiling to do for a loooong time). 



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Interesting stuff. A tad clique, but still good. He's talking from an artist's perspective, which is good of course.  But I think one has to define was "success" and "failure" actually means before they can gauge their progress. Artists often have a big time desire to create incredible works of art, ones that will last forever. Business people may want to create their own company and have it grow to some size. Others may want to have a big family and see their kids off. But there's still a lot of people who aren't really 100% sure what it would take to 'succeed' or 'fail.' It isn't always that straightforward.  Plus, a lot of photographers hate their old best work even though they loved it at the time, so what does that tell someone?

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