▶︎ Why I Got A Canon EOS 200D


During the course of this week I obtained something I never thought I would purchase again. A DSLR. Now before you all go ape on me, let me explain! 


I have had a variety of old 35mm film cameras lying around for years and one of these was a Canon A-1 with several lenses. I decided long ago that I have no nostalgia for the 35mm film era, but since this film thing seems to be coming back into vogue, it is time to maximize the opportunity to sell that gear. Amongst the lenses I had was a Canon 19mm f/3.5 FL. I was all set to flog this along with the rest of the Canon stuff when it occurred to me that it might be prudent to check the value of this lens first. So I did. 


Lo and behold this little 19mm is something of a rarity and at the beginning of the week there was one on eBay selling for close to $1000 (US). I was about to bundle mine with the rest of the Canon gear for less than $200! Needless to say there was a sudden change to my advert (no wonder I had so much interest in it). A lot of people were interested in the 19mm. 


With it being somewhat hard to sell rare lenses in South Africa (for a decent price) and with me being in need of a more versatile video camera, I ended up doing a straight swap with somebody who had a brand new Canon EOS200D kit. That's what this video is about. 




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