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▶︎ Why I Got A Canon EOS 200D


During the course of this week I obtained something I never thought I would purchase again. A DSLR. Now before you all go ape on me, let me explain! 


I have had a variety of old 35mm film cameras lying around for years and one of these was a Canon A-1 with several lenses. I decided long ago that I have no nostalgia for the 35mm film era, but since this film thing seems to be coming back into vogue, it is time to maximize the opportunity to sell that gear. Amongst the lenses I had was a Canon 19mm f/3.5 FL. I was all set to flog this along with the rest of the Canon stuff when it occurred to me that it might be prudent to check the value of this lens first. So I did. 


Lo and behold this little 19mm is something of a rarity and at the beginning of the week there was one on eBay selling for close to $1000 (US). I was about to bundle mine with the rest of the Canon gear for less than $200! Needless to say there was a sudden change to my advert (no wonder I had so much interest in it). A lot of people were interested in the 19mm. 


With it being somewhat hard to sell rare lenses in South Africa (for a decent price) and with me being in need of a more versatile video camera, I ended up doing a straight swap with somebody who had a brand new Canon EOS200D kit. That's what this video is about. 





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    • By crowecg
      I thought all the big events were over and done with but there has been a barrage of new products in the last few days - all mirrorless !
      first a new Nikon Z Lens; a new Canon R body plus a slew of R mount lenses previewed and a new body and lens from Fuji.  There was also a Panasonic announcement a week or two earlier.
    • By Dallas
      Today is the first time since it was announced that I have been able to look into the new Canon EOS R mirrorless camera. I gotta say that at first glance I much prefer the look of it compared to Nikon's Z7. It seems to look more like an SLR and less like something Sony designers hobbled together with a Mechano set.  In this thread I will post some videos and impressions of the camera. Would love to hear other reader's thoughts on it too. 
      Here's the first video from an actual photographer who takes actual photos and not a "vlogger". I really like the idea of the control ring on the lens being programmable to shift a camera setting, such as aperture, although I wonder how practical it is in real life if you accidentally change a setting while handling the camera. I manage to do this regularly on my Olympus E-M1 and I have turned off most of the programmable buttons. 
      It does look like a very large camera compared to the Z7 and that lens is a real monster! 
    • By Dallas
      Yesterday I packed it off to its new owner in another part of SA. The reason? Just not using it and to be honest its files weren't ever going to fit in with my workflow. I tried HDR in Lr with them (same as I do for the Olympus) and they looked wildly different. Not sure why that is but they weren't usable at all. The video was convenient, but the quality from my iPhone is better. For the rare videos I make the phone will be just fine. 
      With the money I am thinking of either getting some portable lighting or saving up for the Panasonic 8-18mm lens. I could probably do that if I sold the Olympus 9-18mm, but that lens is just very convenient and small so it's ideal for travel. And it's IQ isn't anything to be worried about. 
      Decisions, decisions... 
    • By Dallas
      I can't recall how I got invited, but somebody sent me one so Saturday morning I went to go and see what this Canon road show was all about. 

      Basically it's a local event that Canon do in three different cities once a year. They have some speakers and products on display for consumers to touch and get a feel for. There are also some specials on gear. I was quite tempted to buy the 10-18mm STM lens for my 200D but then common sense prevailed. Apparently some 700 people attended the Durban event, each of whom was given a Canon branded photographers vest/jacket thing. Mine is too big. 
      The introduction from the two local Canon representatives touched on the possible introduction of a Canon "full frame" mirrorless camera sometime soon. They can't say when but they say it will definitely have to happen. Apparently the Japanese market for mirrorless cameras now represents some 60% of all sales in the region. Not so prevalent in the US and Europe but the trend is there and they expect those markets to follow suit. 
      The two speakers they had were both Canon ambassadors. One was a South African photojournalist named Kim Ludbrook who gave a really interesting presentation in which he discussed his work on the Tour de France as well as some very disturbing personal insights into working in war zones, specifically in Iraq as an "embed" journalist with the US forces there, and also his documenting of the fall of Moamar Gadaffi in Libya, and the effect those events had on him personally.
      The other speaker was a Russian "destination wedding photographer" named Katya Mukhina. Honestly, from the heart I just don't get this genre of wedding photography anymore and I could never imagine myself producing this kind of engineered wedding photography. It's just not in me. I guess what I find most bothersome about it is the ridiculously narcissistic attitudes of people who want to remember their wedding day with such imagery. 
      Impressions of the event? A little disappointing w.r.t. the venue chosen and the lack of products exhibited. It was nearly impossible to get hands on with things and they literally only had a couple of pro cameras there. Very few lenses to show. 

      During the lunch break some people got to play with the few products on display. 
    • By Dallas
      If you have used the Canon EOS M camera, let us know what you thought of it in this thread.
      We'd like to keep this thread as relevant as possible, so off-topic posts may be split off to other parts of fotozones.com.
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