▶︎ What I'm Taking On Safari - Part II


As promised here is another instalment on the gear I am taking to the Ultimate Big 5 Safari this year. 


In this video I am looking at the various Olympus cameras and lenses I will be using. Those of you who have been on Fotozones for a while will already know much of the stuff I use. The interesting thing is that there is nothing I am taking that can be considered "new". My lenses and bodies are all well over 3 years old w.r.t. their release date. 


If you like the video be sure to click on the subscribe button on Youtube to get notifications of new videos I will be posting. There is one more coming in this 3 part preparation series and that will deal with the computer hardware I am taking with. I will also show how I intend packing everything in that one. 



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