▶︎ What I'm Taking On Safari - Part I


Less than 2 weeks to go for this year's edition of the Ultimate Big 5 Safari


I decided that this year I am going to spend more time making BTS videos of the safari experience than I will making stills photos (which is the main reason people come on the safaris in the first place). I want to show the world what it's like to be on a safari with us. Video has just become so much easier these days compared to when we first went to Sabi Sabi in 2010, so armed with an iPhone 7 Plus (128GB) and a few other bits and bobs I will be documenting the week as it unfolds around me. The videos I make will be part vlog, part story and mostly (hopefully) fun and informative.


This one below is the first instalment of 3 I will be making in the lead up to the safari. In this one I chat a little about the accessories I have purchased for the iPhone so that I can make the videos I want. The second video which I will attempt to make tomorrow (Friday) will be about the stills gear I will be taking, because I will still be making photos too, and the last video will be a short one about the computer stuff I need on a safari. 


If you haven't already done so, please subscribe to my Youtube channel and also let me know what you thought of the video either here or in the Youtube comments section. :) 



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