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▶︎ I Got A Rotolight!

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Sometimes the opportunity to get gear at good prices comes around so today I damaged my credit card a little and got myself a Rotolight Neo, which is an on (or off) camera LED light that can be used for video or creative stills photography. In this video I unbox the light, show what it comes with and demonstrate my first use of it. I also explain why I got it and how I will use it going forward.


It's not a review - I'll do a proper review and demonstration sometime in the near future.


If you are interested in Rotolight, go check out their website at https://www.rotolight.com. They have some interesting products!



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I’ll have to have a look at one of these.  I’ve been thinking of getting round to trying some off camera lighting, but the temptation of swapping to a mirrorless system is growing and I don’t want to waste money on a dedicated flash system that could become redundant.  

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The version 2 of the Neo is out any day now and it’s 85% brighter than this one, so get that one if you can. Mine I got for much less than the usual price, otherwise I would have waited for the v2. 


There are are other options for stills that would probably be better - this is more of an on camera video light than a stills light. Quite useful for portraits outdoors though.

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No bargains here Australia at the moment.


the only time I use flash regularly at the moment is for macro.  Otherwise it will just be for learning a bit more about lighting.  perhaps something a bit smaller and cheaper will be sufficient for me to start with.

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