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About Fotozones

The best way to describe Fotozones would be to say that we are an assembly of friends from around the world who have more than just a passing interest in photography. Some of us are professionals, some are amateurs, some are talented, some are curious, some are old hands, some are new hands. We just love photography and the things we use to make it happen.

So here on Fotozones we share our photos, ideas and opinions on everything related to photography. We don't look down on anybody who uses a different kind of camera to the one we use and where possible we try to help one another with technical stuff and to make informed decisions on the gear we buy.

The Way We See The Future Unfolding

The web has changed a lot since this forum first emerged in 2006. We've seen the explosion of social media, blogging, sites entirely dedicated to affiliate marketing or advertising links (with a bit of relevant content thrown in) and sites where being first to review something new is all that matters. We don't want to be anything like that. We want to be a site where the only reason people join is to enjoy meeting other like-minded people and sharing content and inspiration for photography with them. We want our content to be original and created by our members out of love for this thing called photography, not any of those things that seem to drive other sites. To that end we push the best content we find in our forums to the front of the site and we make it more accessible to search engines.

We definitely don't want to make content for the sake of content, so don't expect a new article to appear on our home page every day, or even every week. No, we don't want that. Fotozones is our shared creative outlet and we use it to share, advise and inform our friends about what we're doing with our cameras and why we do what we do.

A Bit About Commercial Stuff

We don't expect to earn money from this website, but we do hope that the members will voluntarily chip in occasionally to help with the running costs. You can donate any amount at any time.

That said you will see limited advertising on Fotozones, but it will be restricted to people and organisations who help us with funding or sponsorships directly. At the moment those are Photographers.travel, which is our own inhouse photo safari marketing business, and ThinkTankPhoto (who make the awesome bags we use on safari and in our daily photography activities). We won't run Adsense or affiliate programs for retailers and we will fiercely defend our independence from any outside corporate influence if we are reviewing equipment. That's our model and we're going to stick with it.

Sound Like Your Scene?

Please join us. It's free! You can use any of the main social media platforms to create an account on here (although, to be honest we're thinking of scrapping that and going with our own independent vetting process in the near future). If you join we promise to treat you fairly, warmly and above all like one of our family.
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