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    How To Monetize Your Fotozones Content


    There are a number of ways in which contributors can benefit monetarily from publishing their content on Fotozones.

    The easiest and most popular method is to include links in your content to your PayPal.me account where readers can send you ad hoc donations, or you can do something similar with Patreon where you include an appeal to support your work in the footer of each article you publish on fotozones.

    Patreon is slightly different from PayPal in that it allows the content creator to build up a base of "patrons" who can support them either by making a financial contribution for every piece of content they produce, or on a monthly basis. Contributions start from $1 and can go up to a few hundred Dollars depending on how popular the creator gets. There are some creators earning well over $10k a month on Patreon. They take care of all the financial admin while you go about creating content. What they don't do is provide you with an audience. That's something you have to build yourself and it's where we can help you. Fotozones is a great place to start building yourself a following as a content creator because we have a ready-made audience waiting to hear from you.

    If you opt for either (or both) of these methods we will also add links to them in your FZ profile which also show up with every forum post you make.

    Another way to monetize your content is to include affiliate links to popular vendors in the body of your article. For example, if you are reviewing a camera you can put links to Amazon or B&H in the body of your material and when readers click on them and make a purchase you will get a financial commission. You will need to sign up for those affiliate programs yourself and then also make sure that they are OK with you posting links from more than one website. We have been approved by most affiliates in the past, but to be honest, we don't find this to be the most effective way of earning from your content. It's up to you though whether you want to give it a try.  

    Your success is our success and we will do whatever we can to help you build your audience. :)