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  • Article Contributor Guidelines 

    The following bullet points should give you a clear idea of what kind of content we are looking for and also how to present it on Fotozones. 


    • Subject matter must relate back to camera gear, photography or related technologies and/or experiences. Undoubtedly the content that gets the most views is always gear related, so if you have recently bought an exotic lens, or a new camera body, people want to know what it's like. An honest review will win you fans.
    • We also love stories which is why we have an entire zone dedicated to it. Photo essays and travelogues* will find a home on Fotozones. 
    • Written material should be a minimum of 500 words. 
    • Longer articles may be broken into 2 or more shorter pieces at the discretion of the editor, but we will confirm this with you prior to publishing. 
    • All material must be the submitter's original work, including images, unless specific permission has been obtained to show the copyright work of others. 
    • Embedded video material should be hosted on Youtube or Vimeo and should contain a concise written introduction before the video is embedded. 
    • While images may be hot-linked from another source when submitting, we will copy those to our own server for the article so as to ensure continuity (if the 3rd party host goes down we don't want to display an article without the images). 
    • Try to limit the number of images in your article to no more than 10. If that isn't possible please let us know. 
    • Image sizes should be a minimum of 1500px on horizontal axis and 1000px on vertical axis for portraits. 
    • All material must be in English as this is the only language of the website. 
    • If you are including links to any affiliates (Amazon, B&H, etc) or crowd funding (Patreon, Paypal.me) please make sure that they are correctly formatted. We copy and paste "as is" from your submission to the final article, so make sure you check the links are correct once published. 
    • Be honest about any endorsements you may have received that could influence your opinion on specific brands. For instance, if you are a brand ambassador for product X be sure to mention this in the copy of your article. 


    * Please be aware that our main business interest on Fotozones (how we monetise the site) is the marketing of photography tours, workshops and wildlife safaris to countries in Southern, Central and Eastern Africa. It would be a major conflict of interest for us to publish any material that draws readers to a rival operator. Articles about photography tours to any other part of the world are most welcome. :) 

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