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    Can you produce content about photography and camera gear that others might find interesting?

    So much of the world's great photographic content and wisdom lies buried in forums on the internet. Unless you are an active follower of those forums, that content will probably never find its way to your browser screen because it can be hard to separate the noise from the nuggets on most busy forums. Many people give up before they find what they need.

    That's where Fotozones is different.

    We publish our own material in zones right next to the best content we find posted by members on our forum, but now we are taking things one step further and are inviting content producers to submit their content directly into our prominent zones and include their own methods of monetization for that content, be it crowd-funding or approved affiliate links.

    If you enjoy writing articles or making videos about anything related to photography and your work meets the editorial standards we have (take a look at our publisher guidelines) we will publish it in one of the prominent zones, fully search optimised, plus we will spread the word on our social media accounts as well as in a monthly newsletter that gets sent out to subscribing members. Not only that, the Fotozones system allows you to build up a following where registered members can be notified of any new content you post. 

    If you have any questions about the way things work, be sure to get in touch. We look forward to becoming your preferred platform partner to reach a mature audience of worldwide photographers. 


    If You're An Expert At Something Make This Your Platform!



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