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Nikon D2Hs Pro DSLR

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#1 Dallas


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Posted 08 November 2007 - 06:05

What is your opinion of the Nikon D2Hs? Please keep your comments related to your experiences with the camera. This page will be indexed on our CAMERAS page.

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#2 JimHudspeth


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Posted 21 April 2008 - 21:19

I tried to buy a D2h from BH but they could not get them. Then they said we just got the D2hs in but not at the same price. Well by that time my fangs were out and I was dripping on the floor for my D2h so I took it.
That was the best move I made with Nikon. My first digital was a coolpix 880 that I bought to shoot pictures of a printed circuit board that I had designed so I could E-mail them to an assembly house in New Mexico as they did not understand my instructions. Now the 880 is one of those press the shutter and wait and then after a cup of coffee the thing would go off. So when I got the D2hs I was very pleased with how fast it started up and would take pictures. Then I got connected with the Nikonians  web site and started talking to guys with D2hs bodies. The comments were about how good the color was compared to the D2x. The speed was much higher. All this from a 4 mpxl camera.
Well the Nikonian site started listing all the cameras serial numbers and comparing comments from all the members. That was around 240 ,if I remember correctly, so here was a good data base to draw from.
The comments about the sensor being the only one made by Nikon got me going so I tried to find out about it and learned that the data lines in the sensor were using J-Fet transistors to get faster switching. Good old Nikon thinking out of the box. Also the comments were on the size of the pixels as they are larger than the D2x.
Then the guys were posting shots blown up to 24x20 and not showing pixelation and they were sharp. Now you can imagine the arguments about who's got the best body that went on.
Since the sensor was proprietary to Nikon I felt more at ease spending the money for the body as I did not want to spend that and see the same sensor in a point and shoot for 1/10th the cost.
This turned out to be a good decision on my part as I was able to use all my old lenses and get wonderful digital shots that are sharp and full of color.
I put 12,000 shots on that body before I traded it for my D3. The reason I bought the D3 is it also has the proprietary Nikon sensor but now more pixels and a new lens on the sensor.
The D2hs is bullet proof from the standpoint of an amateur. You would have to take a hammer to it to hurt it. The pictures are lower noise than the D2x. This is a great camera.

#3 ChristopherP

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Posted 17 July 2009 - 06:32

I was part of that thread, and am an amateur, I still shoot the D2Hs, I didn't move up, I have no regrets, it is bullet proof and when I find a good one used with low miles I'll buy another one.  Fabled camera, there are somewhere around 6-8k out there and there aren't many leaving home.  About sums it up. ;D

#4 Long Ranger

Long Ranger

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Posted 17 July 2009 - 13:27

I was part of that thread, and am an amateur, I still shoot the D2Hs, I didn't move up, I have no regrets, it is bullet proof and when I find a good one used with low miles I'll buy another one.  Fabled camera, there are somewhere around 6-8k out there and there aren't many leaving home.  About sums it up. ;D

Hi Christopher...

I couldn't have said it better and couldn't agree more.  I feel the D2Hs could well be the finest DX body Nikon's ever made and I'll definitely buy another once I come across one that's in mint, pristine and "factory fresh" condition.  I also have a D2Xs, D700, D300, D70s and an old Kodak DCS 760 (also still somewhat surprisingly, a very good body) but the one I almost always reach for first is the D2Hs.  In fact, I recall an article that Moose Peterson wrote quite a while ago.  Therein, he talked about an image from his D2Hs that he'd blown up and printed out at a very large 4' x 6' which he considered to look to be absolutely perfect. I can still vividly remember how incredulously impressed I was as I considered that it was "only" a 4 megapixel camera. There's just an unmistakably "something" very special about it.
Dick...The Long Ranger

"There are none so blind as those who would not see..."

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