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fuji x-e1 grip

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#1 schwett


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Posted 01 February 2013 - 06:59

i've been waiting to see what Really Right Stuff's x-e1 grip combo looked like, and now that they have some pictures up on their site i have no interest in acquiring it. really clunky. i may get an l-plate, but not with the grip.

instead i picked up the fuji grip.

it's very nicely made. light but very rigid and strong. the hardware for the mounting screw is nicely machined, sits flush, but is easy to open and screw/unscrew by hand. there's a nice felt material at the mating surface which is slightly recessed from the edge and does not look like it's going to come off.

here is the naked x-e1
Posted Image

tripod socket not aligned with optical axis, battery and memory card door really close to tripod socket. not fuji's finest moment.

here it is with the grip.
Posted Image

the grip is really well integrated. the mating to the base of the camera is very tight, and the grip part meets the miniature built in 'grip' nicely and with the exact same material. the tripod socket is now centered... but the battery and memory card are now totally inacessible. not great.

overall, the grip makes one handed shooting much more steady and i find the camera more 'natural' to hold. not really any easier - and it's still a very light camera - but it's a more comfortable grab. overall i like it and will probably use it when i take the camera on casual outings, meaning i won't need to be changing cards and batteries. if richard franiec comes up with one of his beautiful sculpted stick-on-grips for the x-e1, i'd probably prefer that. but for the moment, this does the trick.
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#2 Luc de Schepper

Luc de Schepper

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Posted 01 February 2013 - 11:06

Useful info, thanks a lot. Makes you wonder though why Fuji didn't design the grip in a way it would be possible to change the battery and SD-card. I mean, hard can it be? Perhaps the Gariz half case, which does allow access to both, is a valid alternative for some.

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#3 aerobat


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Posted 01 February 2013 - 11:19

I've got the RRS L plate w/o grip. It allows access to the battery door. Nice and precise manufacture.

Regards, Daniel

#4 Alan7140


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Posted 01 February 2013 - 12:30

And I got the RRS base, screwed a bracket into the bit where the L part would go normally, which becomes the lower mount point for the strap, an elongated ex-tripod bag thing which is then worn from the opposite shoulder across the chest so the camera hangs at my hip at the height of my right palm. The camera falls naturally into the shooting grip position and is far quicker to bring the camera to the eye than if it's bouncing around on your chest strung from your neck. The camera is also almost out of sight in that position, so doesn't draw attention to itself.

This shot shows the strap mount points, and also how the camera would hang except on the opposite vertical offset angle for a right-hander. The fingers of the right hand curl around the grip comfortably when the strap is adjusted to the right length, with the camera facing rearwards in the carry position so it is in the correct position in the hand for shooting. I wear my X-100 off the opposite shoulder so it hangs across my chest to my left side - a bit slower for me to bring into service, and I guess I look a bit like a gunslinger in that mode, but it works well. I don't have a need for an extra grip - I used gripless cameras for enough years to not be bothered by the lack of same, or only a small grip.

Posted Image

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