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Nikon D4

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Posted 28 March 2012 - 19:18

The purpose of this thread is to collect the opinions and insights of our members on the virtues of the D4.

If you have used the camera please let others know what your thoughts are by replying to this thread. You should note that all replies are held for moderation before being published. This is so that we can keep the quality of the input here at optimal levels.

#2 Erik Lund

Erik Lund


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Posted 02 June 2012 - 15:12

Had the pleasure of shooting a big 5 day event in Paris using the D4.
The difference to the D3 series is subtle, only a few things have changed so transition is easy for most parts, below are my findings. Shooting RAW processing in After Shot Pro and CS6.

It renders skin tones of all kinds really well.

The AF is more accurate in very low light, less hunting for focus.

I only had good use of the added resolution for one shot; the group picture with about 225 people in the foreground on the Trocadero square with the Eifel Tower in the back ground, shot with 24mm 1.4 at f/8 and a single SB-800 at full power for fill flash.

The switch detecting vertical/horizontal position of the selected focus point was a bit slow in deciding what to do sometimes.

The battery door was able to move slightly side to side even when closed, not a reassuring feeling when holding the camera in one hand.

The new rubber 'Cannon' type toggles need more getting used to than 5 days, their position as to the position of the old toggle pad, that I prefer.

High ISO is nicer about two stops compared to D3, I prefer to stay at the lower ISO still I was seldom above 3200 ISO with the D4, normally I stay below 1600 with the D3...

The sound of the shutter is really nice.

Illuminated buttons, well yes but only some of them... a lot are still dark in the dark... room for future upgrades.

AF-S AF-C selection is now a very small button and the same old very small AF-S AF-C indication in the finder and top panel so it's a matter of spotting a s vs a c while scrolling the right thumb wheel pressing a small button with left hand... not an improvement IMHO I had great difficulties shifting between S and C and I actually felt the camera selected for me a couple of time... The old one finger click click works for me :) Yes I also use the AF ON button on the rear...

Shooting one day of Golf was really nice but no real difference except for the added resolution.

Buffer is now extreme but my work flow, doing back up on a Colorspace with a SSD drive dictates the use of CF cards... not the new super duper cards that no one else has back up readers for, yet.

The D800 and 800E are completely different tool/cameras, no where near the functionality and responsiveness of the D4 especially for wildlife, PJ and sports.

All in all a really nice PRO upgrade!
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