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Nikon D800

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#1 Admin



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Posted 28 March 2012 - 18:59

The purpose of this thread is to collect the opinions and insights of our members on the virtues of the D800.

If you have used the camera please let others know what your thoughts are by replying to this thread. You should note that all replies are held for moderation before being published. This is so that we can keep the quality of the input here at optimal levels.

#2 Mike G

Mike G

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Posted 26 April 2013 - 13:56

Some musings on a D800, after my brief acquaintance with this new camera I am of the opinion that it is a cracking Nikon.

For me it handles better than a D700, is much quieter to use, and a fair bit faster in its reactions.

What a pity my photographic skills are not up to the capability of this camera.

I know it has had a few problems to begin with(shame on you Nikon for not owning up) including the P mode auto ISO niggle, but I'm sure that one will be sorted by a firmware update before too long.

I also like the quality of its raw files to me they seem to be fine and I've had absolutely no transfer problems. 


So all in all a satisfied punter so far and two days after getting the new body mine fell off my tripod as I was trying to fit it but after a drop of about a metre onto a carpeted floor all seems to be good, you will not believe how many beats my heart missed when that happened!!!


I've heard a few comments on the change of position of various controls and buttons, but surely familiarity and experience of the camera will resolve these differences.

Mike Gorman
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#3 Mike G

Mike G

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Posted 28 September 2013 - 16:57

After further use of my D800 I am over the moon with it and find it a dream to use. What a pity I will never be able to outdo its capabilities. I'm not surprised this body won a few awards it gets my vote!


The speed of operation is brilliant, Its me that is not fast enough(oh dear). So all I have to do now is get the operator to develop an eye for a picture, probably some hope, but at least I'm enjoying the attempt.  :rolleyes:

Edited by Mike G, 29 September 2013 - 14:28 .

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Mike Gorman
My interview thread :- this link

#4 Anthony


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Posted 28 September 2013 - 21:42

It is an absolutely brilliant camera, and a lot of the concerns about file size and handholding problems were just scare stories.  It is the most versatile camera I have ever owned.

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#5 photosenior



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Posted 29 September 2013 - 03:56

I found the D800 and D800E far more demanding cameras compared with the D700. The first few days using them (I have both the E and the non E)the images were quite disappointing. Eventually I found that it was not the fault of the cameras but my not paying enough attention to using them. I found I needed to really watch my shutter speed otherwise the images would not be sharp at all. But once I realized the problem and started watching and making sure the shutter speed is at least 1/1xfocal length to 1/2xfocal length the images were amazing. These cameras can be hand held. You just have to pay attention and they will repay you with really outstanding images. When shooting with tripod there is never a problem. The low light ability is far superior to the D700. But the file size is something you have to get used to when it comes to uploading into the computer for post processing work. Overall, they are amazing cameras.

#6 Mike G

Mike G

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Posted 29 September 2013 - 14:34

I have to concur with what both Anthony and Phil have to say, truly IMHO the best Nikon yet for me, I just love the ability to crop virtually to your hearts content. Obviously it would be better to crop in camera, but hey who's perfect(apart from me of course).  :rolleyes:

Edited by Mike G, 29 September 2013 - 16:20 .

Mike Gorman
My interview thread :- this link

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