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Tokina AT-X 287 AF PRO 28-70mm f/2.6-2.8 (VI and VII)

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#1 ThomasAdams


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Posted 07 July 2010 - 23:34

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#2 HenkL


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Posted 02 September 2010 - 11:09

one sharp lens.. great.. IF you could find one which focuses properly. I bought one a month ago but had to return because of focusing issues.

#3 Marc Schlueter

Marc Schlueter

    Advanced Member

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Posted 14 November 2010 - 15:07

I bought the first version of this lens when it came to the market, because at the time Nikon only offered the Nikkor AF 35-70mm/2.8.
At the shop I had both the Tokina AT-X 287 AF PRO 28-70mm/2.6-2.8 and the Angenieux AF 28-70mm/2.6 to choose from.
The both share the same optical design. Tokina bought that design from Angenieux.
I went for the Tokina mostly because of the stronger barrel (just shredded my Nikkor AF 28-85mm/3.5-4.5 before), but the lower price helped as well  ;D

The Tokina AF 28-70mm/2.6-2.8 Pro I was my main lens for years and did fit in every way perfectly between my Nikkor MF 20mm/2.8 AiS and Angenieux 180mm/2.3 DEM and later between my Nikkor AF 20-35mm/2.8 D and Nikkor AF 80-200mm/2.8 D on my F90 and F100.

It took about 5 years of heavy use and abuse (dropped it twice on stone, got dragged once a year through the Sahara, got sprinkled with all kinds of drinks on events) till it finally gave up. Someting inside got misaligned, I had to refocus after zooming. I replaced it with a new 28-70mm/2.6-2.8 Pro II of the last batch when they were discontinued.

Maybe I was very lucky, but both lenses performed equally well. The Pro I version flares a bit easier, though. I think the Pro II version has better coatings, plus the screw in hood of the Pro I is just pathetic. A friend took my advice, brought a used Pro II but got a real dog.

Mechanically I have no Nikkor AF lens that zooms or focuses smoother by hand. And the aperture ring puts my manual Nikkors to shame.

Optically, the Tokina 28-70mm/2.6-2.8 Pro II has some weaker corners, more CA's and more (but still moderate) distortion at 28mm, than on the longer focal length.
On the D300 it's soft wide open and I had to stop down to f/5.6 for good results.
On film and the D700 on the other hand, I don't hesitate to use it wide open. It has some quite smooth bokeh as well.

I never experienced any focus issues with Nikon AF cameras.

The Tokina 28-70mm/2.6-2.8 Pro II is optically no match to the Nikkor AF-S 24-70mm/2.8 G. No doubt about that.
I can't compare the Tokina to the Nikkor AF-S 28-70mm/2.8, but I heard they are close with the Nikkor a bit sharper wide open.
But it is way smaller than both and "good enough" for Street and PJ. I wouldn't rate it as a landscape lens, though.  ;)

That's actually exactly how I rate my Nikkor AF 20-35mm/2.8 D.
No match for my Nikkor AF-S 14-24mm G, but no anchor to drag around and doesn't scares the sh.... out of people in the street.  ;D

Ah, and don't get confused with the f/2.6 at 28mm not showing. No Nikon I ever mounted this lens on, ever recorded the f/2.6
'A circle of confusion is a group of photographers having a round table discussion about depth of field' - Mark Dubovoy

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