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  1. A random assortment of zoo animals taken while testing out the Nikon 300mm f/4E PF lens. There are bird images taken also, they can be found in this BIRD thread: IQ suffers a bit in these because I had to shoot through glass for all 3 of these images. Markhor I shot this between 2 people. Person on the left was wearing a bright yellow hoodie and the person to the right a blue one. That accounts for the color cast you are seeing. Though it made for a neat image. Mac the alpha silverback gorilla One of a few bonobo females, resting at the moment.
  2. Wanted to test this bad lens out on some big bad birds, so off to the Columbus Zoo. I'll let the images speak for themselves. I believe that all of these were shot wide open. American Bald Eagle Spur Winged Plover Ring Necked Ibis
  3. I find the light very flat and perhaps a bit too neutral. I'd go for a more directional light with a warming gel. Easier said than done with a large group like that however. Given the group size and the flash size, I think it came out rather well, all things considered.
  4. I voted keep. Some times what needs to be sure has already been, and I feel redundant repeating. For me the Like button is a way of showing your interest, approval or appreciation.
  5. No, I do not, but heard good things about it.
  6. Looks like I'm leaning toward getting some the 300/4 PF + TC14EIII and a Tokina 11-16mm for the D500. That should cover the wide and long of it, as much as I want it/need it to.
  7. Just wanted to bump this again and state that I will officially close the challenge on February 17 at midnight EST. From there I will spend the weekend looking at the submissions and making a decision on the winner of the Peak Designs Hand Strap. Once the winner is announced, I will contact them via PM to get shipping details. So, even if they are images from the archive....get in your submission!
  8. This is definitely a pro use type of thing, and I'm going to keep an m43 camera for personal use and every day carry. I'm just not wanting to support 2 PRO kits and the Nikon's are hitting it still in every way that I need them too. I appreciate all the responses and it is giving me good food for thought. Not an easy decision by any means.
  9. So, I've had a few days to think about this, I'm a hair's breadth away from selling my EM1.1, EM1.2 and PRO lenses. I think the hockey shooting was the wake up call. When I looked at what came from both systems, the Nikon was the clear winner. I've about 80 "keepers" from both cameras combined and 80% were from the Nikon. I was hoping and praying that the Olympus system would at least match Nikon, but that is sadly not the case. The gap has lessened, but that is about it. I'm trying to find a good reason to justify keeping the m43, and I will keep the PENF and some smaller kit lenses personal use. Really the only thing that I'd miss is something on the long end, and I've got a good line on a used Nikon 200-500/5.6 that could fill that void. Other than that, I might be missing the video end, but the D500 can do 4k. I know this is my decision, but I just wanted to throw this out there and see if anyone could think of any other reasons that I have not considered and should before making the sale. Thanks in advance.
  10. It was long day and I was tired at the end of it. It is pretty non stop and so is the shooting.
  11. Hey everyone! February 4, 2017 I attended a photo workshop on sports photography. The payoff was that we got 2 shoot 2 complete hockey games, One amateur with complete arena access, and one NHL game with us being in a suite at Nationwide arena. Columbus Blue Jackets versus the New Jersey Devils. Here is a link to all the detailed stuff and a lot of pictures. Bottom line it for you - while the EM1 Mark II and Oly 40-150/2.8 PRO put up a good fight, it was no match for the Nikon D500 and Tamron 70-200/2.8 VC. The Oly has some neat features and did admirably during the amateur game, once the NHL players hit the ice, the Nikon just continued to amaze me in how well it performed. I did not have one OOF shot that was not my fault with the D500. The Olympus struggled in some spots. Not sure if it was the low light or perhaps it was the white ice causing issues. I've mentioned in previous posts that Oly has issues with backlit subjects and AF. Wondering if this might be the same issue here. Anyway. I'll post a few of my favorite images here but the bulk of them will be in the blog post. Nikon D500/Tamron 70-200/2.8 VC 1/1000, f/3.5, ISO 2500 @ 200mm 1/1000, f/2.8, ISO 900 @ 200mm 1/1000, f/3.2, ISO 1250 @ 200mm EM1 Mark II / Oly 40-150/2.8 PRO 1/1000, f/3.2, ISO 1600 @ 150mm 1/500, f/2.8, ISO 2500 @ 150mm 1/640, f/4, ISO 1600 @ 155mm(MC-14) 1/1000, f/3.5, ISO 1600 @ 150mm
  12. That is a good point and perhaps something i might experiment with by creating a mask in PS and then applying the filter.
  13. I've been pairing mine with the 17/1.8 as well. I also picked up a cheap, used Panasonic 12-32. It works wonderfully so long as the camera is in anti-shock or e-shutter. It fulfills the role that I wanted the Fuji X100 series to do, which is to have a coat pocket-able, great IQ, easy to use camera. It is fast, sleek, and the benefit of having the option for interchangeable lenses is just stellar. I often can run with just the P12-32 and the Oly 40-150/4-5.6R and not feel under gunned for general shooting and street stuff. Enjoy, Dallas, and I look forward to your thoughts on it.
  14. Great stuff. I'd be a little anxious that close to the breech like the other boat was.
  15. Yes, very typical of the sky this time of year to be just grey and blah. Not sure there would have been much more interest in the sky with an HD, but it might have included some subtle gradations.