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  1. Here is that the Zhongyi looks like: I purposefully over processed these so you can see the details in the lens.
  2. Then, while picking up the Nikkor 55/3.5, stumbled across this interesting lens. Price was right, so decided to take a chance. The Zhongyi Mitakon Creator 85mm f/2. Native Nikon mount and adapted with the same above Fotodiox adapter on the PEN-F. A little dreamy at f/2, but that all goes away by f/2.8-4. Surprising the all metal build of the lens and the smooth aperture and zoom ring. My only complaint right now is the extremely long focus throw. It takes 3 to turns to go from close focus to infinity and the zoom ring goes in the opposite direction of the Nikon lenses.
  3. Added a Nikon 55/3.5 Pre-AI lens to the mix. Sub $100 for it used. Nice to have the near macro feature. Super sharp wide open, which is very nice. It reached 75F here this weekend and I could just not stay inside. Took the family out to our fav hippie-esque town, Yellow Springs, OH. Here are a few with the 55/3.5 adapted on the Olympus PEN-F with a Fotodiox Nikon G to m43 adapter.
  4. I can tell an ever so slight increase in micro contrast between the first and the 2nd two...only because they are next to each other. Lovely colors in all of them....a welcome sight to bring in the spring!
  5. I'm not sure that really means a whole lot. It is lean times everywhere and businesses are tightening the belt straps.
  6. I'm really appreciating the feel and quality of the 105/2.5. Another good side effect, if you will is how well the 105/2.5 works as a video lens. With the longer focus throw, it makes racking focus a much smoother affair. Now, my issue is which one to get next. I really think I would benefit from a 24mm, but not sure if I should get the 24/2 or the 24/2.8....and a local store has a 55/1.2...but I alrrady have plenty of good lenses in that range...but the rendering is different enough that I might be able to justify it. Then there are longer lenses perhaps a 180/2.8 or 200/4. I think I'm going to stop into the camera store tomorrow and see what they have available. I'm a kid in a candy shop all over again.
  7. I'm not a cat person, but when I got there...kitty decided to try and be my best friend. I'm not a cat person because I'm allergic, nothing a good sudafed wouldn't fix up in a few hours - cats seem to know this and want to be all up in my personal space. Well...two young scamps came rambling by and the cat wanted nothing to do with them and their rough style of play. Under the bench was the only place it could retreat. This was a few seconds after the boys left for something else to get into.
  8. Yes. High intensity yellow.
  9. A few from today. I just cannot seem to get enough of this lens!! PEN-F with Fotodiox Adapter
  10. Agreed, for business use, I would not pick this as my first choice. However, for my personal, fun walk about times, I am really enjoying it.
  11. I've dabbled a little with adapted lenses on my mirrorless cameras. Those lenses have always been of the modern type. Bumbling into one of the local camera shops here in town, I started looking through the old Nikon lenses (AI/AIS). With Nikon Df and adapted PEN-F in hand...I walked out of there with a Nikon 105/2.5 The lens is just so much fun and easy to use on either camera. That same day, even with the weather being as "meh" as it was, I got some good results and can see a lot more use of it for me. Perhaps some additional dedicated manual focus lenses are in my future. Here is the lens. Well worn on the outside, but the glass is in very good shape considering. Focus ring is very smooth and aperture ring is tight and clicks nicely. A few samples from a walk around my neighborhood. These are from a Fotodiox adapted PEN-F.
  12. It was certainly worth the investigation.
  13. I'm glad you caught that. I was hoping I was not the only one who saw the disparity between the 2 different groups.
  14. Heavily cropped, which has some to do with it, I'm sure.
  15. I could certainly do that. Initially, I was trying to keep the light fall off as it was in real life. Here is the left side lightened a bit.