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  1. Thanks for the comments. I struggled with cropping the second photo, and agree with your assessment. In the original, on a diagonal below/left of the row of trees, is a short dividing wall (still visible in the extreme lower left) and a four lane road. In post I darkened the tree on the far right to add contrast and some sort of anchor. I think there is room for a better composition there, but I wasn't walking around to find it in heavy fog with 45 mph traffic whizzing by.
  2. Ballpark $1,200 for two lenses, XF 23/1.4 and XF 56/1.2. I am fortunate to now own every lens and camera that I need or want. There is nothing on my want to buy list. Unfortunately, I am still looking at other lenses just the same.
  3. I rarely get a chance to photograph in foggy conditions. These two photos were taken about five minutes apart from near the exact same location - one looking at the ocean, the other at a row of live oak trees across the street from the beach. About 10 minutes earlier I could not see the ocean from where I was standing. The fog lifted just enough to catch the waves closest to shore.