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  1. Brilliant, Alan! It seems to me that the task at hand is to clean up the mess that humanity has made of the Earth, rather than go to some other planet and fuck that up as well. Obviously, human consciousness needs to evolve at a mass level in order for this to occur. But we can all do our part right now, however small that might be, such as exploring and documenting nature before it becomes a holodeck game.
  2. There are a fair number of junipers and piñons along these trails showing such a tenacity for life that it is always a source of awe and wonder. Some of them are centuries old, their trunks carved and twisted by the strong winds, yet still with some foliage. The cycles of nature give me great hope for the future of our planet, despite those who only wish to ravage the land in pursuit of their endless greed.
  3. Thanks, Mike. As I wrote previously, I often think of you whilst looking for rocks and boulders to photograph! I probably have photographed #7 previously. The small piñon pine growing in a tiny crevice in the rock always inspires and amazes me.
  4. Not as warm as Wednesday, but still good enough for shorts and tee shirt for today's hike in the Nature Preserve. A bit of leftover snow on the distant mountains, but the trail was dry. Trees, rocks, huge boulders, 150-mile vistas, stillness, and soaring ravens. Who could ask for more! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.
  5. Wonderful colors!
  6. Thanks, Armando!
  7. Thanks, Fons -- much appreciated!
  8. Yes! I saw it from a distance, and had to bushwhack a bit to get close enough. It makes an inteesting natural sculpture, not to mention musing on how it came to be.
  9. Thanks very much, Alan!
  10. It looked that way to me, so I was sure to photograph it!
  11. Thanks very much, Mike!
  12. Today's hike was a mostly a venture into the rock world. Enjoy! />
  13. Great unanswerable question, Mike. I always marvel at these things.
  14. Thanks, Alan! I am very pleased that you enjoy the photographs of these amazing yet nearby places.
  15. I thought of you whilst taking those rock photographs. Thanks!