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  1. Hi Robert, with older style metal bodied Nikons, I too think that the 180mm ED is fine and especially for hand held use - as you have indeed pointed out. The poor Nikon Df, in spite of its rugged good looks, is a plastic camera underneath and a heavy lens could easily play havoc with the lens mount which is anchored into the underlying plastic body with five coarse pitched screws. I am not saying don't, but I am saying treat the combination most carefully when handling and carrying it. It is no Nikon FA/FM/FE or FE2/FM2/FM3a and it is certainly not a F, F2,............, D4 or a D5 etc In the case of the Olympus OMDs, some are indeed thankfully metal bodied inside, but there is still a lot of leverage from a heavier lens on a light body, especially with the extra spacing due to the Nikon F to OMD lens adapter included in the overall length. The 180mm ED lens itself is excellent.
  2. Nice image Alan - your current B&W proficiency levels are certainly more than enough to fool this tired old plodder! The house very much reminds me of my parents old house which I had to have demolished for health & safety reasons nearly two years ago. You are right - once the damp, mould, rot, and wood borer gets into a wooden weatherboard house it is game over I am afraid. It was just over 100 years old. Dad watched it being built on his way to primary school during the early WW I years.
  3. Andrew, both the 24mm f/2.8 and f/2.0 are good lenses; however the f/2.0 has a reputation for having a lot of sample variance, so do make sure that you test the f/2.0 version before handing over your hard earned bucks/shekels etc or arrange a money back option for the deal in case you get a bad sample. The 28mm f/2.0 does not seem to have this issue, but the 28mm focal length may not be what you are after. I very much agree with Robert on the 180mm f/2.8 versus the 200mm f/4.0 (although the latter is still good and very light and inexpensive - it is just that the 180mm ED is so very much better). The ED version of the 180mm lens is highly regarded for example by astronomers for its optical performance for wide sky astrophotography. The AFD version of the lens is also very good and can still be had new on the gray market. I personally do not regard either version of the 180mm ED lens as being exactly lightweight, so do be careful if mounting it on your Df or OMD camera bodies. Unfortunately it does not have its own tripod mount, so you may need to make up a cradle mount or similar for it and its camera body if you have tripod work in mind. EDIT: the 180mm AIS ED f/2.8 weighs in at 860g and the 200mm AIS f/4.0 weighs in at 535g. In each case, this weight includes both lens caps and their built in lens hoods.
  4. Well done Andrew - a most desireable optic. This is the "K" version of the 105mm f/2.5 and it has had its original non-Ai aperture ring replaced by a factory Ai ring. Has a longer focus throw than the AiS lens (170 Deg versus 140 Deg) and it is the last version to have an f/32 aperture. Otherwise pretty much the same as the Ai version that succeeded it. Mine is a little older than yours - Serial No.68291X.
  5. Beautiful, as Anne has said. Do you collect these lamps and glassware? If so, then very tasteful.
  6. I have never been able to fathom this decision out either. Its surely been long enough by now to have done something? I am also sure that Fuji could have scraped up enough ¥ to have had Dave Coppin (or one of the major RAW file producers) to have put together a really top notch X-Tran converter (and associated work flow tools to easily integrate the whole X-Tran proposition into working photographers existing work flows). IMHO it is still not too late to do this; I would suggest first releasing the converter for their APS-C line of X-Tran camera bodies to build owner acceptance of a really decent converter and then to release the GFX Mark II with an X-Tran sensor option, safe in the knowledge that there will be limited or ideally no buyer push back. The success of X-Tran and Foveon sensor alternatives to Bayer are important drivers to ensuring that future digital cameras have the best in sensor technology. Well one can but dream!
  7. I echo Anne's thoughts and words. Uplifting inded.
  8. Excellent work Ann. Any of these from Jurong bird park?
  9. Happy birthday Mike - I poured a beer and a glass of red for you, but ended up drinking them myself (LOL) - they tasted bloody ripper! Hope your day goes well. (I also hope that Dalls and Luc's brothers are now mending; and ditto for Luc's brother-in-law.)
  10. M43 bodies, and mirrorless bodies in general, are an evolving species, whereas DSLRs have much more mature technologies under pinning them. I think that the real issue is just how long will it take for ALL of the features that the various photographic applications require will take before the M43 bodies to catch up with what is in DSLR bodies. On the plus side, many of the things that M43 bodies do are already at or ahead of DSLRs right now. Will it be the EM1 Mk III where full parity is attained? Will it be the next major firmware release for the EM1 MkII? The huge performance improvements from the first firmware release to the last firmware on both the OMD EM1 Mk1 and the Fuji X-T1 camera bodies were quite substantial to say the least. I would certainly hang on until the next firmware release and I would keep the Nikons and the EM1s for what they are best at rather than pitting them against one another in fields where the Nikon will be ahead for a while yet, e.g. fast moving sports or action applications. In other words use your Nikons and M43s in complementary roles. For back packing it would be my EM1 everytime!
  11. Dallas & Luc: +1 to what the others have said: may your brothers and brother-in-law all pull through their ordeals and enjoy improving health and fortunes from here on. Mike: Well done on your successful treatments. Let us hope that you have Jimmy Dancer (aka The big "C") at bay and well and truly behind you from here on. BTW, all the best for the 13th - I will toast your good health on the day. Dallas: a great idea for a thread - and timely it seems.
  12. Somehow I find Mikes shot of the rain drops on the window pane to be most soothing right now! Predicted temperature in my part of Melbourne (the south east) is 35 Deg.C. today (Saturday) and we would LOVE a good dose of rain just now. Sounds as if SA is suffering similarly. Commiserations to Dallas.
  13. Luc, what a wonderful ship - thank you for sharing it with us. Your treatment has certainly helped brighten up the subject on what is obviously a very gray day.
  14. Great news Dallas. I felt that you had a case last year when the accident happened. Loosing the use of the lens concerned, when it is such a versatile and high performing piece of kit, must have been very inconvenient indeed.