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  1. Excellent work Ann. Any of these from Jurong bird park?
  2. Happy birthday Mike - I poured a beer and a glass of red for you, but ended up drinking them myself (LOL) - they tasted bloody ripper! Hope your day goes well. (I also hope that Dalls and Luc's brothers are now mending; and ditto for Luc's brother-in-law.)
  3. M43 bodies, and mirrorless bodies in general, are an evolving species, whereas DSLRs have much more mature technologies under pinning them. I think that the real issue is just how long will it take for ALL of the features that the various photographic applications require will take before the M43 bodies to catch up with what is in DSLR bodies. On the plus side, many of the things that M43 bodies do are already at or ahead of DSLRs right now. Will it be the EM1 Mk III where full parity is attained? Will it be the next major firmware release for the EM1 MkII? The huge performance improvements from the first firmware release to the last firmware on both the OMD EM1 Mk1 and the Fuji X-T1 camera bodies were quite substantial to say the least. I would certainly hang on until the next firmware release and I would keep the Nikons and the EM1s for what they are best at rather than pitting them against one another in fields where the Nikon will be ahead for a while yet, e.g. fast moving sports or action applications. In other words use your Nikons and M43s in complementary roles. For back packing it would be my EM1 everytime!
  4. Dallas & Luc: +1 to what the others have said: may your brothers and brother-in-law all pull through their ordeals and enjoy improving health and fortunes from here on. Mike: Well done on your successful treatments. Let us hope that you have Jimmy Dancer (aka The big "C") at bay and well and truly behind you from here on. BTW, all the best for the 13th - I will toast your good health on the day. Dallas: a great idea for a thread - and timely it seems.
  5. Somehow I find Mikes shot of the rain drops on the window pane to be most soothing right now! Predicted temperature in my part of Melbourne (the south east) is 35 Deg.C. today (Saturday) and we would LOVE a good dose of rain just now. Sounds as if SA is suffering similarly. Commiserations to Dallas.
  6. Luc, what a wonderful ship - thank you for sharing it with us. Your treatment has certainly helped brighten up the subject on what is obviously a very gray day.
  7. Great news Dallas. I felt that you had a case last year when the accident happened. Loosing the use of the lens concerned, when it is such a versatile and high performing piece of kit, must have been very inconvenient indeed.
  8. Dallas, I am willing to bet anyone that an automatic up-front refusal is written in their policies and procedures manual for the initial processing of claims. Just wear the bastards down and threaten to report them to the peak body such as the Insurance Council for SA (or whatever it is called in your country). Good luck.
  9. Mike, I think that it is the Olympus E-10 from around year 2000. Link: A seriously heavy and expensive beast back then. A colleague had one.
  10. Ah ha young Andrew - you have weakened! Congratulations. I will follow your findings with great interest and also any observations you may have about the MkII in respect of the MkI and also the Pen-F and the D500. You have some nice kit! The EM-1 MkII has an introductory body-only price here in Australia of around $A2,800, whereas the introductory price after factory bonusses for the EM-1 MkI was only $A1,800 with the 12-40mm PRO lens, so I will be waiting until maybe the middle of next year when the Australian end of financial year sales start and hopefully after the early adopters have had their orders filled and the prices have already started to trend downwards.
  11. Mike, I am still happy to put coloured shrink wrap around your cable release for you!
  12. Yes Alan, YOU have nailed it and the X-T2 has certainly not let you down! I love the middle ground glow of the vegitation under the trees.