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  1. the series is getting better and better, congrats Fons I like the CD pic, it is cave painting in 21st century
  2. I like very much your street series with the 55mm, mood and spirit come over - it is fun to look at the scenes, a pity that one cannot participate in a picture
  3. CLP

    there is one knife missing, what is her intention?
  4. very fine bw conversion
  5. you´re right, 1st one is better
  6. great portrait, I like the face expression very much
  7. my fav is the one at the bottom left becaue it looks like a coffe mug, the others lug like beer mugs as you have a clear pattern and colour in the wall, as well in the mugs and a direction of shadows & light, I feel it disturbing that the left side is in the dark, it should be lightened, maybe you can lift exposure a bit on the left side
  8. the tulips are great I hope you can value that comment from someone who only differtiates betweeen eatable and non eatable vegegtables
  9. I regularly have all the symptoms above, when a new lens from Zeiss or Nikon is showing up....
  10. Fons, did you lens collection increase significantly since we met last time? in pic one I find most attractive the structure of the water surface, made by wind or by flow
  11. excellent composition
  12. I thought roughly 5 x 65, but this will not stand against a scientific evaluation most probably they haven´t yet fought against the Spanish Armada
  13. 300 years and still rowing, you shouldn´t run into a bar fight with these gentlemen
  14. someone who asks this together with this picture is no "empty coat"
  15. great series I think everything is top, from colour to sharpness and bokeh