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  1. I thought roughly 5 x 65, but this will not stand against a scientific evaluation most probably they haven´t yet fought against the Spanish Armada
  2. 300 years and still rowing, you shouldn´t run into a bar fight with these gentlemen
  3. someone who asks this together with this picture is no "empty coat"
  4. great series I think everything is top, from colour to sharpness and bokeh
  5. large makes it great - thanks for the hint Armando all fits here perfect to a narrative area in front of my eyes - great work
  6. at the end, what is the difference between a "Like" and a written... "nice picture"...or .."good catch" ? in many cases, I do not know what to write, because honestly I do not like much to write "nice picture", but as well I want the photographer give a positive feedback that his image got some attention. I will not write as much as I "like"
  7. this makes me smile - how elegant he is looking to his portrait photographer did you pay him well?
  8. my fav is the tricolor/blue? heron great series
  9. I still vote for no 1
  10. perfect match of colours - I like it
  11. the picture is excellent executed, and I like it saying that i tried similiar with one of my daughters and a shift lens tattoos or not, what I find a little bit distracting is the colour of her skin, maybe you can make this either whiter or a bit darker, just let the pink/rose cast dissapear as the fence structure and the colour create associations with an eatable relative
  12. this mismatch has its own style - especially the 2 houses built directly at the church I like it very much, a pity that so many cars are in front
  13. great image
  14. thank you Dallas and Fons yes, Fons is right they´re Peugeot
  15. last week I was waiting for a customer in the city of Luzern, had my DF and the 55mm 1.2 Nikkor S with me