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  1. Nice review - and some great shots. "Equivalence" matters for FOV and DOF so as much as you hate the term, it is an important factor for a site wanting to cater to more than M4/3 shooters....or to those who are considering the move to M4/3. If you had a rating system, I'd ding you a "star" or two for the rant....skip that and it would be a 5-star review of a 5-star lens.
  2. Ann - CF is also a conductor. Not quite as good as metal, but a whole lot better than air so it become a target too. For once, a case for Basalt-based tripods ;-)
  3. Litho is a very cyclic business that has very high R&D expense. If you look at the latest quarter, they made NICE money. They do make the scanners-of-choice for many high-end Fabs....I'm pretty sure that big announcement by Intel to spend $7B will have a chunk going to Nikon. I attribute some of Nikon's camera issues to the fact that the Litho guys have been in charge and they don't get cameras.... That ping-pongs at Nikon and I think the latest shuffle puts camera people back in charge. AFAIK.
  4. Larry - I don't see anything your list that can not or has not be done in a DLSR with Liveview except the EVF specific items which I discount since they are not acceptable by many.
  5. I remarked then that mirrorless cameras had features that Nikon ought to look seriously into as it serves a need that is not met by its dSLR. I'm constantly confused by these types of statements. What needs beyond fitting in a pocket are NOT being met by DSLR's that are by Mirrorless? I'm talking something that is NOT a software feature? I can think of the higher frame rate but frankly that can be accomplished (if desired) in LiveView mode. I can think of the EVF but that is very polarizing and not welcomed by many. What else????
  6. and in the process, you have provided the answer as to why the Expeed ASIC is likely not the reason for the Nikon DL cancellation. No one put a gun to Nikon's head and said that it should do 20.8mp at 20fps or 60fps. No "GUN" involved. But Olympus set the bar and Nikon market matched the spec in the "needs" for a competitive camera. Clearly, the current Expeed couldn't do they needed to spin the ASIC to get this. Now, marketing might have relaxed the spec when it didn't work, but I suspect they were too far into the spin and all the accompanying PCB support to back away from a new Expeed - they could have maybe dropped the feature, but it is very doubtful that an old part would drop into the same PCB location. Hence the need to keep going spinning till it worked. Truly speculation on my part....
  7. Not sure how they could ever get 20MP @ 60fps - that's 1.2G pixels/sec which is way outside the fastest XQD's write speed. Would need to be a very short burst and/or a huge buffer. No doubt they need to continually improve the Expeed's speed -- would like to see a D820 with 54MP at 5-6fps which is still a boatload of data to move. At 5fps it would need to move about 540MByte/sec which is a modest increase over the D5's ~480Mbyte/sec. On the contrary, if you work backwards from the 480MByte/sec of the D5, that can handle the data from a 46MP sensor at no new Expeed needed for that product. Might be the "cheap and easy" aka lower-cost approach that Nikon will take.
  8. Dallas, I see your lens database and while I appreciate the effort, it is more of a set of reference material than an invitation to have a discussion about a lens. You find VERY few comments (in the Nikon section) and only one photo, which doesn't exist anymore. What I find more effective is a space were we Nikon owners can discuss that latest news and gear from Nikon. We can show off shots taken with said gear. I'm sure the same goes for users of other brands. You notice I talk about the Nikon sections - I DO NOT GO TO THE OTHER GEAR SECTIONS - those are dead weight in my mind. I think there are three types of posters: 1 - Gregarious people with the time and drive to post - just too few of these types to justify a site. 2 - People that shoot a specific genre and might post if you had an active thread targeting what they shoot. 3 - People having a discussion regarding gear they just purchased, was just announced or is on their wish list. MY browsing habits are to use the unread content button and see what's being talked about and click-through if the topic appears interesting. Perhaps that's lazy, but it is what it is. Hate to point to other sites, but I frequent FM and NikonCafe and find their format of genre and brand-specific categories more aligned to my surfing habits and more stimulating to draw posts. I know some people here are don't like those sites because of the "attitude" taken by some posters there, but the sites WORK. I see a lot of similar attitude here regarding mirrorless or die...that's mellowed a bit recently, but it created a reputation that is hard to shed. You need to draw from & address 100% of the photography "market" not a small percentage. What I think you need is to organize around brands and get some of your "staff" committed to placing a seed article based on current news. For instance, Nikon's recent cancellation of the DL line is big. On another site, I see hundreds of comments generated from a simple post that is that headline and a link to the news. Not a word here which is surprising since they don't contain a mirror. ;-) I realize this is just my opinion - offered here as food for thought - I'm far from an expert at driving traffic.
  9. I know - you and Nikon were not in sync and you found something that works for you. Just realize that the world isn't static. Nikon's cameras NOW rock more than ever....and, since you mention them, so do Sigma's latest lens offerings.
  10. I have considered returning the site to more technical content, but if I am honest, that would be very difficult for me to do and what would be the benefit to anybody? These days by the time I get my hands on a new piece of equipment to review it's already been reviewed by dozens of other sites. What value could I possibly add? I am in the process of reviewing the Olympus PEN-F though, so maybe I can find a way of reviewing gear in a way that the audience can relate to. Frankly, I don't visit here to look for "challenges" because I don't like being told what to shoot. I shoot what I enjoy shooting and I'm not very likely to go out of my way to go shoot something just so I can post it. I DO come here to see what other people enjoy shooting, what successes they have and what techniques and gear they used to have that success. I think you have it wrong with the notion that you have to do the work to have a technical-oriented you said, there are plenty of review sites and I know getting cutting edge gear in a timely manner isn't going to work well in South Africa. Very hard to be successful with that model. For me, a format that is along the line of "show me your best shot with this piece of gear" is a much more compelling read and the best way to get "techy" without reviews. If I own that gear or am contemplating a purchase I will always read the latest postings. If I have a killer shot with that item I might be more compelled to contribute. Just realize that in order to interest a large audience, you need to cover a wide variety of mainstream gear. For instance, if you ask for the best shots from a "Leica S" expect little participation. SO: no "fetch me a rock" games. More "show me what you have like this or using this." And lastly, we all need to be more courteous and complementary. People want to brag a bit and if nothing comes back they will stop posting. A simple click on a "Like" button is a little weak. Just my thoughts ... I might be way off base ...
  11. I find the combination of the D810 and D500 a killer pair. Can't fathom using less capable tools for what I shoot and what I use the images for. Will be very interesting to see what Nikon brings to replace the D810 -- higher MP with the D5/D500 focus engine will be stellar....add a pinch more DR and it will be totally amazing. Dallas - not going to get into a tizzy about this, but Nikon has move well beyond the D700. I thought that camera was the bees knees when I bought it and now, looking back, it was a good camera for it's day, but WOW have things gotten better. You need to recheck your baseline of comparison as the bar has move substantially. No sharpening needed.....
  12. Let's try to get this thread back on track.... Here is a shot of the Golden Pavilion. I've been to Kyoto four times and always goto see the GP - and it is always raining. Don't know why I'm jinxed and can't get there on a nice day....but it is what it is.....
  13. Ann, No "H-bomb" has ever been used in combat....only "low power" fission devices. The US recognized that Kyoto was far too valuable of a cultural treasure to destroy....hence Nagasaki was the alternative choice - plus it was a target with significant military content as it was home to major shipyards. So the US was considerate of the extreme value of Kyoto and felt they could "get their message across" while sparing the city. Thank goodness. Kyoto is far an away my favorite city in Japan and should be on everyone's bucket-list.
  14. Too good and 100% on target. ODFW's rules are crazy and often incomprehensible. Their response if perfect. Would be great to hear if ODFW follows up in any way. Thanks for posting
  15. Wow - Hitting Botswana for the Okovango and Zambezi river cruise then onto Sabi-Sabi and Phinda will be the trip of a lifetime. Those are all amazing locations. This trip will be hard to top. I can imagine your excitement and anticipation. All us reading are in envy. Take a ton storage for all the photos you are going to take. Can't wait for your return to hear how it went and see the photos.