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  1. Nice series Vivion, I especially like the last one.
  2. A tourist shop in Santa Cruz, La Palma/Canary Islands. HDR from three hand-held shot Jpeg images.
  3. Great subject. Excellent image with first-class b&w conversion.
  4. Thanks Alan, Dallas and Ann for watching and commenting. The Canary Islands are very nice places to visit after a long, dark winter. Just 4 hours flying from Holland with only 1 hour time difference. It's one of our favourite holiday destinations. We combine the comfort of hotel or apartment with trips to the countryside. Lots of beautiful scenery to photograph!
  5. Ann, what a well captured contradiction. Spring brings new life, warmth and colours.
  6. What Ann said, very nice image. Well done Vivion.
  7. Last week my wife and I spent a week on the beautiful Canary Island of La Palma. This small island is a popular destination for hiking lovers as the mountain scenery from volcanic origin (malpais) is challenging and there are lots of hiking trails. My wife and I though hired a car and spent three days driving around the island, enjoying the landscape and views. This series was shot with an Olympus E-M10, Olympus E-M10II, Olympus 12-40mm f2.8, Panasonic 35-100mm f4-5.6 and Samyang 7.5mm f3.5. As a polariser was used on the 12-40mm, it took a bit of effort to correct in post processing the resulting uneven exposed skies. I hope I succeeded in doing that. 1. Puerto Naos, one of the most popular holiday destinations (not for us, we stayed in Fuencaliente) 2. View on visitor centre of San Antonio volcano. In the background Fuencaliente 3. San Antonio volcano 4. Salinas Marinas de Fuencaliente (if you visit this place, there's an excellent bar/restaurant near the salinas) 5. New and old lighthouse near the salinas 6. 7. Chapel 8. Excellent roads on the island, and great driving experience 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. [/url] 14. 15. (Nearly) on top of Roque de los Muchachos alt. 2.426m 16. View on the astronomy observatory and the Caldera de Taburiente 17. 18. These two bright cars screamed to be photographed in this landscape 19. Ship aground, a long way from it's home base Bristol. The island of La Gomera is faintly visible in the background. 20. Scenic view near Fuencaliente
  8. I handled the X-T20, X-T2 and X100F today at a trade show. The X-T20 is a bit too small and plasticky to my liking. The X-T2 is very nice with a great viewfinder. My favourite though is the X100F which to me as an owner of the original X100 felt very mature. Maybe later this year ...
  9. I've seen these also (like the monkeys) on TV, these birds are pure elegance and beauty. Very nice series Chris, you're on a roll ...
  10. Beautiful series Chris! I've seen these monkeys several times on TV and you've done really well in capturing them. Excellent post processing also.
  11. Very nice! Great composition and gorgeous colours. I especially like you didn't apply vignette that would have ruined this particular image for me.
  12. Nice find, that 105 is a true Nikon classic. It's one of three AIs lenses (the others being the 28mm f2.8 and 50mm f1.2) I hesitate to sell for two reasons. One the resale value is not that high and two I'm sure if I sell them the next day Nikon will finally announce a full frame mirrorless camera. The 105mm performs quite ok on a M43 sensor. Andrew, if you don't mind I'll add this E-M10 + 105mm f2.5 image as further proof.
  13. Better visit a doctor for a check-up and if possible blood-test. Be careful Dallas.
  14. Original and informative images and story, thanks Alan.
  15. Welcome back to Fotozones Kyle.