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  1. Ann, The video was shot in Dutch Harbor, Amaknak Island, Alaska. Amaknak Island is part of the Aleutian chain.
  2. Access is good for me this morning. It seems to be even faster than when I last responded, on Saturday.
  3. The site is loading fine for me, and a bit faster than it used to, although still slower than most other sites. Using Windows 10 and the latest version of Firefox and with automatic Windows updates, I have not seen the problems that Alan described.
  4. I am able to access the site but access is slow, as is loading the various forum topics and individual posts. It has been slow for many weeks (months?).
  5. Assuming you want the lighting to come entirely from the flash(es), proper exposure will be determined by the output of the flash(es) and the f stop setting. Set the shutter speed high enough so that ambient light does not influence the exposure. If you need a particular DOF, set the appropriate f stop and then vary the output of the flash(es) and/or move them closer to or further away from the subject. If you want to show some of the ambient light in the photo, change the shutter speed to get the effect that you want. An incident flash meter can be a big help, at least until you get used to the system.