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  1. The organ looks magnificent — I imagine that it was also renovated during the conversion of the building. Is it still in working order and do they ever use it for concerts?
  2. I am guessing that the huge price difference between the RRS brackets and the Desmond is because the RRS ones are machined from a solid block of aluminium while the Desmonds are probably cast? I ended-up with a Sunway on my D5 because at the time that the D5 first shipped, RRS were saying that a D5 version was planned but not yet available. Later on they seem to have decided that the D4S version would work for a D5 as well. So far, my Sunway bracket seems to be doing fine and I believe that they are machined (which allows for a lighter but still very strong item) rather than being cast?
  3. OldphotoofNepal: I am so pleased that you found the pictures and story interesting. I am wondering how the reconstruction efforts in Nepal have been going since those two horrendous earth quakes in the Spring of 2015 and how the people are faring through this winter? In addition to the Link which we discussed in the PM, the readers of your page might find it interesting if you posted the Link to this complete article on your page?
  4. Thank you for telling us that wonderful and uplifting story.
  5. "Horrible" is what "Loving Fingers" means! It is aptly applied to the items offered for sale at some charitable function where you absolutely are obliged to buy something—best to head to the handmade jams and cakes table.
  6. I honestly thought that I had myself fully covered in the lens department — then Nikon released the 300 PF. The lens may have resolution to spare but it wrecked my resolution to not buy another thing. You are going to have a lot of very successful shooting with that lens, Andrew.
  7. Interesting placement: and the Fuchsias do resemble ballerinas. I am not sure but wonder if a slightly cooler (more purple) WB might enhance them even more?
  8. Thank you Luc. The interesting question is how these non-native creatures reached Florida from Central America because it is unlikely that they swam there. It is far more likely that people got bored with their pets when they outgrew their homes and simply dumped them in the marshes where they have "gone forth and multiplied" far too successfully. The Florida Everglades N.P. has a similar problem with Burmese Pythons.
  9. As Andrew mentioned, getting the flash off the hot shoe and above and off-axis from the lens would give you better modelling. You can get flash-brackets which make this easier to handle.
  10. I have no experience with the Olympus but my experience with other cameras has shown me that Noise is most apparent in the shadows and that the worst thing that you can do is to under-expose and then try to pull up the Brightness (Exposure) during Post — especially if you try to open-up the shadows. From the EXIF in your shot, it would seem that you were shooting under fairly dim lighting? You might have had less Noise if you had doubled the ISO and then pulled the highlights back during the processing. I have found that when shooting RAW, Nikon exposure meter settings are are set to underexpose by half a stop by Default but I don't know if it is the same with Olympus so some experimentation might be a good idea.
  11. I have always rather liked Iguanas but the ones which I have come across previously were the Green Iguanas with lovely colouring. These ones, encountered at Wakodahatchee in South Florida are much less colourful and very spiney although the males turn orange when they are in the breeding state. Neither were these Iguanas up to any good: they were not climbing those Pond Apples merely for some salad — there was a much more interesting delicacy to be found further up in the upper branches where the Herons and Storks have nests filled with EGGS. These ones were just beginning to wake up from their night-time torpidity as the rising sun raised their body temperatures. [Please Click-up]
  12. If you use Kirk plates, just be careful in your choice of clamps. Kirk may have corrected this problem by now but previously their grooves were not deep enough so they did not couple properly with some of the RRS clamps — and maybe those from other manufacturers as well.
  13. Oh dear . . .!! My mother had an expression: "Loving fingers . . . " — followed by a slow sad shaking of her head. My response to that project is the same!
  14. What a beautiful place: and so well photographed as well. The re-design of that interior has been done so effectively that its new function as a book shop does not detract from the original architecture in any way but actually enhances it.
  15. Thank you Anthony. The whole episode unfolded rather quickly and quite far away. I would have liked to have captured more of the subsequent interaction between Heron and Anhinga but they took their dispute into the thick cover of a clump of mangroves. Some times an event is only for the "Eyes".