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  1. Urgh...I hate being restricted to this laptop to edit...I can't decide if this screen is an accurate representation of the colors...It looks different on my phone (IPS).
  2. Another great system rolled through yesterday...not quite the light show as the last set but it had awesome cloud structure.
  3. Thank you all so much!...I'm sitting here in limbo waiting on the storms...So far the dry line is causing them to fire off a little too far North.
  4. Thank you all! With an even better storm system forecast for tomorrow I am hoping to get back out again....tripod and cable release on hand this time lol.
  5. My favorite time of year is finally here... I wasn't prepared (no tripod) and had to hand hold at /50...I think they turned out okay. (This may be my first post in like....6 yeas lol)
  6. 1 and 5 are the winners for me, great series.
  7. I haven't been around since the Nikon Gear days (some of you are still around) but I've made my way back into the photography world! I'm looking forward to sharing with you all again
  8. I like the second a bit more but both are great!
  9. That's considered a blizzard where I live (West TX). All I got for Christmas were 3 busted pipes >.<
  10. I can confirm this as a true statement.
  11. I'm alive!

    1. DDFZ


      Welcome back, Kyle!