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  1. Top six plus the one centre below are the basis flight instruments. Circuit breakers on the right panel. Throttle and elevator trim wheel on the left.
  2. Lovely.
  3. Mine was never babied. Always performed.
  4. Very good, but is the crop a bit tight?
  5. People, I hope this threwd will not turn into a DSLR versus Mirrorless debate. We have been there before.
  6. I liked my D700. A lot.
  7. Ann, These shots took my breath away. Thank you.
  8. Ann's definition of "extraordinary loss" is correct.
  9. Use the system that works best for your kind of photography, while factoring in portability, reliability, manufacturer support, etc.
  10. Australia is so different!
  11. Very good indeed.
  12. The latest issue ofbthe Fuji X magazine says the GFX "is to come in March".
  13. I absolutely loved the Zeiss Ikon, but got fed up with the hassle of film development, scanning, etc.
  14. Mike, Probably not, but it may make YOU feel good. I asked Zeiss pretty please to produce a digital version of their wonderful Zeiss Ikon film rangefinder, but it has not appeared .... It would have been better than any Leica, at half the price.