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  1. I love the texture in the B/W version, but agree with Mike that the colour version gives more data.
  2. This is an 18th century house in the old town. The door opens directly onto the street, which itself is cobbled and only about 10 feet wide. Doors are commonly left open.
  3. No, I do not know her!
  4. The lady is in her home. Thank you both for kind comments.
  5. All made this morning. PVL
  6. Mike, Some of my recent shots show that I may need some of those tablets ...
  7. Of the firmware!
  8. Thanks, Mike. Have my hammer and chisel ready for the installation.
  9. Thanks to all for kind remarks.
  10. A Few From Mudam

    Editor's note: an excellent sense of space and geometry in this image from Vivion. See here.

    © Vivion Mulcahy

  11. And still more ...
  12. Yet more ...
  13. From the Mudam Art Gallery