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  1. Thermal imager with "High resolution, 754 x 576 stabilised image " including camera and laser range finder among other capabilities.
  2. It may well belong to Sophie!
  3. All set for a Nikon v Canon battle
  4. I always thought South Africa was a leader in blast resistant patrol vehicles, possibly even inventing the class.
  5. I'll have to find the opportunity to come over to Tasmania to see some of your prints rather than these web versions. i can never get such complex scenes to work the way you do.
  6. 20FPS with AF and 60FPS with locked focus has been a feature of all of the Nikon 1 series. The J5 currently has a similar 20MP sensor too. The only thing that might push the DL Expeed over the J5 version would be trying to get a better 4K frame rate or reducing the buffer wait. Tried checking back to what was promised for DL 4K, but the page is now just the cancelation message, however, at the bottom of the page, I noticed the following disclaimer: The information is current as of the date of publication. It is subject to change without notice.
  7. I suspect that is more to do with the target time zones for the news - looking at the timing of the various articles on this, it was timed for business hours in the US (or midnight in Japan) - it was certainly middle of the night new here in Australia. That also puts it late in the business day for much of Europe and also South Africa. Having seen the news over breakfast this morning, I was tempted to post on it, but found that it was already the subject of (perhaps off topic) discussion in this thread. My reading of the announcement is that the problem is still some distance from being solved. If everything was just about ready for production, shouldn't it be better to push on and at least recover some of the development costs rather than just writing it all off. The only reason to do otherwise would be if they simply lacked the cashflow to start production.
  8. Was this the one you were entering for the national portrait gallery competition?
  9. Thats only $500 more than the Hassie body only.
  10. Dxo are giving away v9 for free here. I've got myself a copy as a backup in case Aperture finally dies. I'm still no closer to deciding how to replace Aperture yet!
  11. IR can add that ghostly effect for a cemetery - thanks for looking. Looking on google earth, the trees were still around as recently as 2006. A few seemed to disappear between then and 2010, with the current state occurring somewhere between 2010 and 2014.
  12. So spectacular! I bet the guy at the back of the boat with the pro tele-zoom was disappointed that everyone with their phone cameras got a decent shot and all he got was a whale flipper!
  13. I don't mind you adding extra pictures. It is definitely interesting to see how things have changed. It it makes me feel old when people start referring to the 70's and 80's as history. I was a little surprised recently when I came across a book in the photography section of my local library - it was called something like "Vintage London - photos from the 1980's". 😧
  14. I'm guessing they are quite large boulders (6' or so), but the is also the possibility that they could be smaller and that you are playing with perspective and scale in the shot, which adds to the interest.
  15. Following the early post on Walhalla cemetery, it isn't the only thing to see in the town. It is quite a picturesque little town - now barely more than a single street. #1 and in colour... #2 Anything beyond the front street is perched up on the hillside, like the church. #3 It's initial claim to fame was gold! There were a number of mines in the town, this is the entrance to the Long Tunnel Extended mine, which is open to visitors. #4 and the creamy-white band in the left half of this picture is the quartz seam which bears the gold. #5 A few more pictures form within the mine #6 #7 #8 and back to colour.. #9 and then outside and into infra-red #10