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  1. 16,000! that looks good!
  2. You are doing well - i'm struggling to manage a photo a week!
  3. March - almost up to date! Crossing the river back to the office one day, I came across a photo group out for a walk. There must have been a dozen people photographing the bridge as I crossed - if I had something with a longer lens, perhaps the photographers would have featured, but stuck with the wide angle option of my phone, I quickly looked for something about the bridge to catch. Week 11 As most of them were looking up, I chose to look down at the shadow pattern created by the framework of the bridge. Week 12 involved a walk around Braeside Park, where the dead trees can provide some striking shapes - this one I'm calling 'Dancing Girl'. After passing a few more, I realised they could make an interesting series, but then the later ones just didn't conjure up an image to me like the ones I missed.
  4. February started with a day of cricket photography. Shooting under 12's allowed me to sit right on the boundary and just about manage to get some decent shots with the long end of a 70-300 zoom. Part way through the morning, this little fellow sat beside me: Week6 Week 7 involved a trip to Sydney, mainly for work purposes, but as we were based in the University, there were a few interesting buildings around (shot through the fly-screen). Week 8 opportunities were dominated by work - I spent a lot of time in Docklands, Melbourne's redeveloped, high rise precinct. Week 9 was similar, with the camera mainly out for work watching 35m(115') long, 0.61 (2' diameter) steel tubes being pushed into the ground. Week 10 Still more Docklands, this time a lunchtime stroll towards the yet to be developed end.
  5. When Dallas and Fons started their daily challenge, something I knew I could never achieve, I did suggest I would give a weekly challenge a go. I have managed to take the photos so far, but have been failing terribly with posting them. So, a bit of a catch up: I started the year with this: Week 1 , which I had previously posted in this thread. Week 2, again, it was posted here. Week 3. This one appeared in a thread about cricket, inspired by some of Alan's posts. Then I started to miss a bit - this pair was the start of something I was thinking about for the Chairman's Challenge, but didn't quite morph into something that fitted with where others took that. Week 4a Week 4b - It's hard to believe these two shots were taken on the same day! And January finished with the trip to Walhalla. Week 5, which had it's own thread here.
  6. I know what it is like! I'm amused that when my kids are researching for homework on the internet, they keep telling me "The teacher said don't rely on Wikipedia", but it is about as reliable as 90% of what is available on the internet. Anyway, Michael should have had his delivery and managed to unpack by now, so hopefully he can get this thread back on topic.
  7. The problem with most reviewers is that the base their reviews on a single sample. Even with a the best quality control, there is always sample variation. I think the only online reviewer to get anywhere near addressing this is the guy from lens-rental, however he seems to consider gear reviews as just a hobby and focuses on his main business of gear hire.
  8. I've been trying to avoid added sugar too - but not by trying 'Diet' alternatives. I'd always take real sugar over some of those chemical sweeteners. Also avoid "fat free" foods as they are often packed with emulsifiers and extra sugar and salt to make up for the flavour. Another thing I'm working on is keeping caffeine levels down.
  9. I like the light and it works for me in black and white. Do wonder whether a view from down to the right separating the trees a bit from the hill would look better - however that probably involved jumping fences and horribly steep slopes by which time the light would have gone. Had to be in work a bit early this morning and enjoyed the early sunshine as I crossed the Yarra.
  10. It is about quarter of an orbit away from earth at the moment and should be visible about 4 hours after Jupiter, I think. I did have this nice app for sky prediction but updates alternately break and complicate it. Update it will be the early hours to the ESE at the moment and only 20-30 degrees above the horizon. It will move into the evening as the year goes by and we will get closest in June - perfect for the long nights!
  11. You should give Saturn a try - you should get definate ring structure visible compared to your Jupiter shot.
  12. Amazing how multi-eyed bugs seem so strange in a two eyed world.
  13. Thermal imager with "High resolution, 754 x 576 stabilised image " including camera and laser range finder among other capabilities.
  14. It may well belong to Sophie!
  15. All set for a Nikon v Canon battle