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  1. These are lovely pictures.
  2. Thanks for this. A couple of days ago I downloaded the latest version of ON1 Photo Raw. I am still testing it, but my current feeling is that it is very good. I think it may even replace Photo Ninja - the subtleties in the darker tones seem to be rendered better by ON1. However, I still have work to do before I make a final decision. ON1 Photo Raw can open images for further editing in Photoshop; it creates a PSD copy to do so, but this does not require the user to open that PSD - it happens automatically. I will probably just delete the PSDs left behind. I did not like Affinity's treatment of rafs. I like the results with Iridient, but it is not sufficiently responsive.
  3. I would keep the Like button. Sometimes I just like something, and adding words would be a longer way of saying that. If I have anything that I think is worth saying then I will say it.
  4. Great catch, both bird and photographer! The sinuous line of bird and fish flows gracefully through the frame, a contrast to the harshness of the action.
  5. Stunning photo, great depth and atmosphere.
  6. Nikon has had several mirrorless ILC cameras for years, two of which I have. The V1 had enormous potential, as Larry indicates, but the implementation was inadequate and the price too high. The control system was appalling, not enough direct control for a keen photographer, and too easy for an inexperienced photographer to mess up. I cannot hand my V1 to a non-enthusiast without detailed instructions on what not to do! The size, weight and outstanding AF should have made it a winner, not a fiasco. The AW1, which I also have, is a uniquely useful camera which I use a lot. But it is too specialised to make a huge dent in the market. So Nikon tried mirrorless, and failed, as it has apparently with the DL series. Had the One series been developed to its potential, I might not have invested in Fuji. The D5 is undoubtedly an wonderful machine, probably the best camera of its class ever, but it does not suit everyone in all circumstances. A properly developed One series with full F mount compatibility would have meant that the money I have spent on Fuji would have been spent on Nikon, and I am sure I am not the only one in that situation. Nikon has lost ground against Canon in the ILC market, which is extraordinary considering that Nikon has, by independent evidence, the best cameras in the three main DLSR categories.
  7. Product ordered and PM sent.
  8. Beautiful image, and thank you for the link to the processing video. While I doubt if I will ever do such detailed processing, it has opened my eyes to some very interesting techniques.
  9. Lovely, what a great trip you had!
  10. According to this, the primary target was Kokura, not Kyoto. The whole subject is very disturbing, whatever one's views.
  11. Excellent sporting action. Ice hockey is spectacular.
  12. Dallas, sorry to hear about your brother, but it sounds as if he is in good hands. I hope all goes well.
  13. Fantastic photos, what a great experience!
  14. And if he was a good broker then he probably got cheaper premiums than you could have obtained yourself.
  15. Mike, thanks for reminding me about yesterday, not.