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  1. February 23 Wind and Rain, visiting an art collection photos from Jimmy Nelson. Df -- 28mm f/2.8ais
  2. February 22 Wind and rain, to stay in is the best choice for today. D500 -- 70-200mm f/2.8
  3. February 21 Flags in the wind against a blue sky with the 1981 zoom-nikkor 35-70mm 1:3.5 ai, Nikon Df
  4. 4 X 75 the fifth guy is the coach so doesnt count
  5. February 20 Taking off for a row, Den Bosch. D3 -- 105mm f/2DC
  6. The image looks rather overprocessed, in my opinion, and some barrel is also present, which comes with a wide angle shot like this trying to get everyone in. Considering taking 2(-or more) and do a stitch. With flash indoors i set iso to 800-1000 and shoot i-ttl at first no ev comp on the camera ev on the flash -1, if results are undesirable i will change to manual flash, off camera flash is actually more reliable and two flashes even better.
  7. February 19 Grey and flat sunday, just gone out a bit for a few images, D3 -- 24-70mm f/2.8. The river near Gewande.
  8. There is a similar converted church into a bookshop in Maastricht.
  9. BTW there is difference in recieving or giving likes, or..
  10. I see no problem keeping the like button, after all you're not obliged to use it, however a personal comment as a sign of interest may often be preferred.
  11. February 18 Dick Bruna the creator of Nijntje passed away last Thursday at 89, the weekend newspapers show their respect.
  12. You may say its got all the distortion you want from a wide angle zoom up close, and the raindrops on the frontelements. For me photographing is at times really untechnical more like a spur of the moment thing to get the shot,( i was a looking for bathroom also.) Thank you Vivion
  13. February 17 Canal-port detail, Noorderkade, Veghel, D800 -- 14-24mm f/2.8
  14. Thank you Dallas.