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  1. The D700 still is a great and reliable camera, the only issue is that Nikon never bothered to release a true successor. "A very weakly built chassis" seems an alternative fact to me.
  2. Whether one likes tattoos or not the result is very nice! It is already three years ago that the X-T1 and the 23/1.4 arrived over here, the 23/1.4 is one of the best Fujinons indeed. The X-T1 went to my son-in-law, and he thinks that he has the 23/1.4 on permanent loan with it . The smaller, lighter and cheaper 23/2, which is glued to my X-Pro2 until the 50/2 arrives, is however also a very good lens with a different rendering and a few caveats: not so good full-open at closeup, and focus has to be nailed at infinity in order to get sharp landscape edges due to some field curvature. But this "Fujicron" is a joy to use. With respect to rendering however, the Fujinon 23/1.4 is no contest to the Nikkor 35/1.4AFS (on my D800e). Same holds for the rendering comparison between Nikkor 24/1.4AFS and Fujinon 16/1.4 and Nikkor 85/1.4AFS and Fujinon 56/1.2. The Nikkors are truly nicer. That is one of the reasons I will not say goodbye (yet) to the Nikkors and Nikons...
  3. The X-Pro2 doesn't seem that much bigger, and it has an APS-C 16x24mm sensor, the G2 had 24x36 film...
  4. That is called the X-Pro2?? Ok, it has a smaller "sensor" and doesn't have the Zeiss glass...
  5. Instead of a super-expensive 200/2 they could provide us with a much more affordable 200/2.8. Many more customers then.
  6. A (probably very expensive) Fujinon 200mm f/2 or 250 f/2 would be targeted for the sports (and wildlife?) photography market, a market that is already full of big and expensive lenses (and bodies) from Canon and Nikon. Not very wise to compete with that. Fujifilm understands this, see the GFX. Next lens over here will be the "Fujicron" 50mm f/2, making my light and small travel kit X-Pro2 / 23mm f/2 / 50mm f/2 complete.
  7. Good thing is that (on the northern hemisphere) days are getting longer again; I hate leaving from and returning to home in the dark.
  8. Nice and smooth out-of-focus, the 23/1.4 fits the X-T2 very well and is IMHO one of the better Fujifilm lenses...
  9. It was indeed with the D1 in 1999 that Nikon abandoned the removable viewfinder from their flagship cameras; the F5 from 1996 was the last F with a removable one. The last F, the F6 from 2004, comes with a fixed one and apparently is still available today. Some see X-Trans as a solution to a problem that doesn't exist; a little short-minded I think. I have never seen coloured moiré patterns in real life pictures on both the 16mp and 24mp Fuji's, if any aliasing at all then always monochrome. That in contrast to Bayer sensors, even on those with anti-aliasing filters. The D5 may not be as suitable as the D810 for high-res studio work, the D810 is still considerable cheaper and seems to me the one to be beaten by the GFX.
  10. The battery is rated for 400 exposures
  11. The battery is located behind the sensor
  12. In the end the number of professional studios is limited; there is the risk luring of a small pond with too many fishermen around it. In order to attach to a larger crowd of (semi-) professional photographers there is still the issue of cost; some professional photographers on this forum have expressed already that the GFX price is still way beyond their financial comfort zone. A 135 format sensor will always win on cost, and there is of course the law of diminishing returns. Both Hasselblad and Fujifilm have indeed mentioned 100MP; having lenses already that can out-resolve on that, I still wonder why Fujifilm states that they don't need X-Trans for the 50mp sensor in order to prevent aliasing ("moiré")... Well about Sony; it remains a very strange situation, a company that competes with it's customers
  13. There is no substitute for cubic square inches , but it is interesting anyway to see how the 135 format manufacturers will try to defend their territory. Thom Hogan ran an interesting (at least to me) article on what he "predicts" for this year. For Nikon a 72mp D5x, a 54mp D810 successor, a mini D5 (D900) among other things.
  14. Photographyblog has put up some GFX samples, both raw and jpg: I got the uncompressed raws to open in Iridient Developer on my Mac. Don't forget to close your mouth again after viewing