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  1. If he's the Alpha Silverback, I expect he's a big lad. It's a cracking lens ain't it.
  2. I think it's orrible.
  3. I know I've said this before, letting go of this lens is my one and only regret of leaving the Nikon camp! Nikon have a winner with this lens, good ones Andrew!
  4. Dallas, I understand, but how odd of Invision!
  5. Yep keep the like button, but please consider that clicking on a topic would default to the last entry in the topic and not the first! Slightly off topic, sorry about that.
  6. Superb Ann, are these avian lovelies on the wing to escape from you menacing them with that big black D5 and 300PF(super lens).
  7. This time a purple mini, a bit blurry I'm afraid my fault not the camera, I snatched at at it. X-T2 + XF23mm f5.6 !/40 ISO 400
  8. The one I had constantly leaked which even a change of seal didn't cure, and it was just too plasticky! Although I didn't know at the time the Braun does it better and it's easier to clean. It also will blend boiling hot stuff straight from a saucepan, there is a warning in the Nutribullit manual warning against blending hot food! The Braun 1.6 ptrs
  9. Thanks Dallas, fingers crossed for your bruv! I used to have a Nutribullet, but was greatly disappointed, so I gave it to a charity shop and bought a Braun glass blender which is heat proof. I now make some very tasty soups, filling and warm, and when the UK gets its two weeks of summer it will bash out some smoothies, a favourite is banana, grape and apple, yummy!
  10. Thanks Hugh, most kind, perhaps I will have a small libation quite soon. They never even touched the sides. G&T is my poison of choice for the last couple of years, needless to say there is a supply of same in the house. And of course my best wishes go to the brothers of Dallas and Luc.
  11. Alan, viewfinders are a particular bugbear of mine. Had the X-Pro2 had a flip screen and a decent viewfinder, I would probably be using one!
  12. Noct, the X-Pro2 for me there are a couple of shortcomings, first the eye point of the VF is way to short at 16mm(silly), I wear glasses and I don't want faff around taking them off to take a photo! I really do not understand the reasoning to force me to mash my face on the camera body every time I want to use the viewfinder, secondly the missing flip up screen, again why? The lack of eye point clearance is one of the reasons I left the Nikon system! How I would love to bang the corporate heads of Japanese camera companies together over this design blooper! IMHO the minimum eyepoint of any VF should be at least 30mm and for gods sake please try to allow people to see all of the VF without the face scrunch and swivelling my eyes around to see ALL of the VF. The VF of the X-T2/X-T1 at 23mm is barely adequate in my opinion, but is better than most. Sorry just felt the need for a rant.
  13. Alan, as an aside have you tried the new ACROS film simulation yet, I haven't yet because I'm not a fan of B/W(yuk).
  14. Is an X-Trans sensor of that size available?