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  1. Alan, I very carefully looked at both the B/W and Colour versions and I think the colour version better illustrates a sense of dilapidation to this poor old unloved house, what memories could these old walls recall! Quite a sense of the jungle taking back the ground which I reckon is enhanced by the variations of green and brown, particularly the rust on the roof, which in my eyes the B/W picture does not. The scene reminds me a bit of Queensland houses of the 1960s Brisbane of course a lot less dilapidated.
  2. I'm sure I've strolled around the area near to the scaffolding in No4, quite a few years ago now though.
  3. Alan, if you do venture inside, keep an eye out for old newspapers, which of course can be interesting.
  4. I was assuming it was a timber building, I have no experience of such and the sight of that house is sad, but I would expect it won't take an awful lot of work to demolish! Did you know that there are tablets to treat this B/W disease, although I expect LSD is now illegal.
  5. Alan, am I right in thinking the structure is now probably unrecoverable? Please stop making me enjoy B/W pictures
  6. Easily done Alan. The old gnarled tree is another cracker
  7. Is it me or does No2 look a bit like a skull?
  8. A rock fest indeed, great.
  9. These firmware updates are coming in two tranches. http://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-officially-announces-new-firmware-x-t2-x-pro2-33-improvements-full-list/ Oddly the news release is dated tomorrow?
  10. What's not to like about a great big boulder. I quite enjoy lichens as well because I always think of the unanswerable question of how long have taken to grow or in the case of Merlin's magic rock pictures what forces put you there and when.
  11. Marco, I think you maybe correct, I once bought a packet of five tulip bulbs called the Rembrandt collection supposedly multicoloured blooms but all were a very dull flat red, very disappointed!
  12. More super rocks, 😊 Lovely
  13. Having seen a few Amarylis bulbs in the past, they most certainly impressive, never tried to grow them. Saw lots of them in the Amsterdam floating flower market on the Singel canal, impressive blooms also. Super.
  14. Oh dear!
  15. Ann, are we looking at some Amyrilis here?