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  1. Beautiful, Luc. I am a sucker for a silhouette, every time.
  2. It must be a new feature because in my OSX (still on El Cap on the iMac and Mavericks on the MacBook) it isn't there. I actually downloaded a free utility called f.lux to do just this on my iMac last week as I have been experiencing some sleep pattern disorders (random waking up at all hours of the morning). The f.lux app allows you to adjust the Kelvin based on sunset and bedtime times. It's pretty cool because you can turn it off in the taskbar easily.
  3. At first sight of the guy in #3 I thought he was a beggar having a meltdown or something, but then on closer inspection I see it is a photographer! He should get a mirrorless camera.
  4. I agree, Alan. Couldn't read it because the way it was written sounds like spin, and not a sensible type either.
  5. Daily Photo Challenge

    Editor's note: Fantastic colour and an overall super shot from Fons (as part of his CEDI2017 challenge seen here).

    © Fons Baerken

  6. He's a bit of a late bloomer that author. I sold all my Nikon gear over 3 years ago...
  7. Well, the smoke travelled above us for 2 days because of a strong south westerly that was bringing in the rain and cooler weather. Yesterday though the wind changed to a north easter so it blew the remaining smoke in the opposite direction. Fortunately our cars live in the garage so they have been spared. There's not too much soot around us, but people further north, up to 60km away, have been worst affected as the smoke was on the downdraft there because of the rain.
  8. Good stuff, Andreas. Thanks for sharing.
  9. It's still burning today, however the smoke is dramatically reduced from what it was on Friday and Saturday. Reading a headline in the paper today, apparently those of us close to the fire will have been exposed to some toxic smoke which may have an effect on cardiac and respiratory function (great). Lots of cars and property around the city today covered in soot and other oily substances. Dowsing it with water also didn't help because the stuff that was burning was floating on top of the water and basically helping to spread the flames faster. Quite scary. Fortunately it is contained, but still has been quite devastating for the city as a whole.
  10. Wicked!
  11. 35-100mm f/4-5.6 Lumix G Vario

    We have not reviewed this lens, but please add your comments/photos below if you have used one.
  12. Very nice, Luc. I haven't heard of that lens before. I will have to add it to the database.
  13. Yesterday morning at about 9am I looked out my window and noticed what I thought were some very low lying black clouds. We have been expecting a weather event this weekend, so I didn't think too much of them. A few hours later I looked outside again and thought to myself, hang on a bit, those aren't clouds. I went out to the top of the road and there was just this massive plume of black smoke coming from somewhere South of where we live. I got out the camera and took a few shots. From the top of my driveway it looked like my neighbour's house was going up in smoke (yes, that thing is one person's 3 story house, not a block of flats). From my garden. From my window. So, I started searching social media to see what was going on. Turns out it is a massive wax factory near the harbour that caught ablaze yesterday. When I say massive, I'm talking the size of several football pitches. Anyway, the local fire department had over 150 fire fighters on site and they are still unable to put it out, a day and a half later. They have however, managed to contain it so that it doesn't spread any further, but the smoke from this blaze has literally blanketed the entire city. Last night we had to close all the windows as it started to rain and the fallout began to get really close to us. Here is an aerial video taken by a local photographer showing just how big the fire was this morning.
  14. That's a photo opportunity that would never happen here. You'd have to get through fences, spikes, security systems and hounds of hell. Unless of course you know the person.
  15. I like the lady in the stairway. It's very unusual. Is it a home or a store?