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  1. Quite a rig, indeed!
  2. Nice find, Armando. I'm sure we are going to see some more outstanding work from you with it.
  3. These flip out screens are a terrible idea. They are only good for vloggers and the selfie obsessed, in my opinion.
  4. Pretty sharp lens! I was quite surprised when I saw Ann's on safari last year. I think I may have even asked her why she was taking her 24-70/2.8 out on a game drive.
  5. Step 1. Put the camera into manual mode, select an exposure setting around f/5.6-8 and a shutter speed that is around a stop under-exposed at whichever aperture you select. Step 2. Put the flash into manual mode and select a power output of about 1/4 power or more. Step 3. Take a shot. What you will have is either a subject with too much exposure or too little exposure. To correct the exposure on the subject you can either adjust the aperture of your lens (increase the F no. if you are over-exposing the subject, or decrease the F no. if it is under-exposing), or you can adjust the power of your flash, or the distance between the flash and the subject. Whatever you do, avoid using any A or TTL modes with the flash. That will give control to the computer in the camera and honestly, it's not as clever as you are when it comes to knowing what looks best. That's really all there is to balancing flash with ambient. I can highly recommend getting Zack Arias' One Light video if you want a more detailed explanation of the how's and why's of this method. It's a really worthwhile purchase.
  6. Jacky O?
  7. I wish we had a bookstore like that. Sadly book stores are rapidly heading towards extinction here. I have two of Michael Freeman's books, The Photographer's Eye and The Photographers Mind. I haven't ever been able to get into them. I think he is just too analytical and rigid in his approach to photography, whereas I am more of a freestyle type of photographer. I should probably give those books away.
  8. They also had a 400/2.8 on display, but they were busy showing it to some other folks while I was there. I asked one of the soldiers manning the tent if the army only used Canon and he said that it was the choice of the Intelligence Corps to use Canon, but other Corps used whatever they wished to.
  9. You're telling me. There are some really stupid things they did with this version as well as some truly brilliant ones. It's very frustrating for me because everything I built on the old system essentially got thrown in the trash with this new version. All the templates and even the coding conventions changed. What I used to be able to identify as variables and parameters in the old system are 100% changed to new conventions in the new that I just don't have the time to try and re-learn. However, what I have found is the best way to follow new content on FZ is to create your own streams, set one of them as your default and that will then replace the "Unread Content" stream link found near the top and bottom of the page (or you could just use that one anyway to get everything new in all parts of the site). When you click on a thread that appears in that stream it will take you to the first unread post.
  10. Mike, unfortunately Invision removed the ability for me to change the code that would have done that for blocks / feeds that I create on the new system. On some feeds it does take you to the last post you haven't read (like the one on the front page), but on the FZ Portal page it doesn't. I don't know why this is.
  11. Divers

    From the album Armed Forces Day 2017

    Undoubtedly the coolest people at the show.

    © Dallas Dahms

  12. Impala Cockpit

    From the album Armed Forces Day 2017

    That's a lot of instrumentation!

    © Dallas Dahms

  13. Impala

    From the album Armed Forces Day 2017

    Two youngsters sit in the cockpit of the retired Impala aircraft.

    © Dallas Dahms

  14. New Hardware

    From the album Armed Forces Day 2017

    Special Services vehicle. We never had these before.

    © Dallas Dahms

  15. Sophie

    From the album Armed Forces Day 2017

    Night vision?

    © Dallas Dahms