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  1. I vote o keep it. it helps give positive feedback when all I really want to say is that I like the content of a post. The other reason is that when browsing from a tablet, typing on a touchpad can be somewhat iffy for me
  2. #3 and #4 are my favorites. Very nicely done!
  3. Thank you Alan for the heads up. Tried the demo today and bought the windows x-transformer license about an hour later. Like you said, it is better at demosaicing the .RAF files than ACR. One nice touch is that you can set it to lowest sharpening, tell it to turn off the Adobe Sharpening and you get a great starting point. Also, any previously edited .RAF's that are converted have all of the edits you made to the original. Exposure, brushes, contrast, profile, etc. Sweet!
  4. A much tamer note is that men only need to know the names of six colors!