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  1. #3 and #4 are my favorites. Very nicely done!
  2. Thank you Alan for the heads up. Tried the demo today and bought the windows x-transformer license about an hour later. Like you said, it is better at demosaicing the .RAF files than ACR. One nice touch is that you can set it to lowest sharpening, tell it to turn off the Adobe Sharpening and you get a great starting point. Also, any previously edited .RAF's that are converted have all of the edits you made to the original. Exposure, brushes, contrast, profile, etc. Sweet!
  3. A much tamer note is that men only need to know the names of six colors!
  4. Thank you for your kind words G. I wish I could have been able to get a higher perspective on the leaves in number 2, but there was no way, I am just not that tall!
  5. It is an Olympus E-10 Unimpressive by today's standards for sure, but capable of good quality images without the cost of film...
  6. For a sanity check, every once in a while I will put some batteries in the the E-10 and take a few pictures. Darn, that thing was expensive when I bought it new
  7. Thanks to everyone for their replies! Dallas, Alan and Mike all have made a practical choice. I have 5 or more really fine lenses that have not seen any use for the last year. There are several reasons, I have been working too much and we moved to a new to us house near family. It has been a hectic year. When I have been taking pictures, one of the do all zooms tends to get put to use because they are very good lenses and they are so darn convenient at the same time. After we get our other house sold and I slow down at work I plan to spend some more time using them or I am going to sell off some of them. I already sold off a few earlier this year. 45+ years of camera gear accumulation with occasional purges can fill a closet :-) Meanwhile, I hope to see more of these neighbors in the marsh next to our new house this year. D5C_0512
  8. One of mine is the 150mm Sigma Macro D4H_4148 D4 Cropped, click to see larger
  9. Beautiful Andrew, Looks to be the same exhibit that was at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens (Virginia) last year which everyone in our family really enjoyed. Link to some images from the "Lantern Asia" exhibit
  10. I read on my iPad almost all the time. To post an image I use a desktop. Much prefer the relaxed experience of the tablet over the desktop....
  11. From a walk on the trail near our home... D5C_0889 D5C_0965