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  1. The Eternal Flame for the Martyrs.....
  2. Lovely place. Beautifully captured.
  3. Wonderfully joyous and colorful.
  4. Very nice images. Good captures. Like bw rendition here.
  5. Fons, lovely daily log. Enjoying it.
  6. Brilliant. What a sight!
  7. Excellent series. Wonderful light and captures.
  8. Larry, Fons, Ann, DDFZ...
  9. Ann, Dallas, Luc. Thank you. A different take on Table mountain..iPhone. And some one moves around the Cape...
  10. Interesting use of resources. Houses on stilts with a western touch!
  11. Thanks Alan, Dallas. Seen this many times in photos and travel mags. Now she brought home an image..
  12. Thanks Dallas. I, unfortunately, got severe flu a couple of days before travel. My wife traveled there. She can't praise the people or place enough.