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  1. Morning group shot at coffee break time using my 8mm fisheye
  2. Sabi Sabi was my first safari, and I did learn a few things in order to better prepare for next time. I had two Olympus bodies, one with the 40-150mm Pro and one with the 300mm Pro. I added the 1.4x converter on the 300mm for bird and mongoose shots, but usually left it off. I really regret not having a shorter lens mounted, as some of the best shots I think I missed were the ones up close or needed a wider view. The new 12-100 would have fixed that, and now when we go back I think I will go with the 12-100 and 300. I really want Olympus to make a mid-range pro zoom, something in the 100-250 range.
  3. We actually have many birds that spend the entire winter here. The woodpeckers all stay here along with the chickadees, cardinals, juncos and nuthatches.
  4. A female Downy Woodpecker hangs on the thistle feeder waiting her turn on the peanut feeder. Do you wish you could look over your shoulder like this?
  5. A Dark-eyed Junco wishing he was not up to his hind end in snow. Shooting through a double-paned window can be tricky, but I seem to have the best luck on these cloudy bright days
  6. And the reason the tree rats hang out under our feeders
  7. And he makes his move on the peanuts
  8. A Blue Jay about to make a hop down to the peanut feeder
  9. Here in Minnesota, we had our first major snowfall of the season. The light, fluffy snow made for some interesting photos out my home office window. This tree rat is looking for some sunflower seeds that are buried under the fresh snow
  10. Correct, from what I see on Matt's Instagram feed he has left Sabi Sabi.
  11. This is ranger Matt Dyson from our walk in the bush outside of Little Bush Camp. Matt and Sheldon kept us safe for a very unique experience that day.
  12. Male Downy Woodpecker on the "feeder studio" I built in our back yard, from this summer.
  13. Good glass and a good photographer prove to be a winning combination, no matter how many pixels you capture.
  14. This is a female Northern Cardinal, one of my very favorite regular birds here in Minnesota. They hang around all year and do not migrate south like many of our others birds do. I shot this at ISO 3200 at a 1:125 sec with my E-M1 with the 300mm F4.0 and 1.4x converter which yields the same field of view as an 840mm on a full-frame camera.