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  1. Thanks for the comments thus far. I agree that the red is a little loud and steals attention from the rest of the scene, but seems sad to lose the Key West text. Too bad there wasn't a white sign in there. That DXO correction software did wonders! It doesn't look much softer either, which is also great. But still don't know which way to go on this one ... It's a tweener. G
  2. In Key West. Comments welcome. I'm thinking this one needs a crop, as tried here, but not sure what needs to be in the picture? I sort of like the Key West sign on the right, to place it. GB
  3. Beats me guys. It was meant to be a philosophical question.
  4. Comments welcome. GB
  5. Hey, who's been trashing my D700 !?! I've had mine for 3-4 years, and besides the occasional annoying battery-not-making-contact issue that my old D200 also had, its never given me a problem. The flash shoe mount handles my SB-800 fine. I am getting a little rust around the pop up flash area, ... nothing serious. A friend's trying to convince to buy his D800 (he got an 810), but I haven't seen any reason to do so yet. The D700 seems to have been ahead of its time. My D700 has 2, 5, 10, and I believe 20 sec self timer. It's shutter delay function's time is locked at 2 sec. I use the latter on occasion when on tripod at slower shutters. I use the 2-sec self timer all the time on the tripod because I'm usually too lazy to connect my remote shutter trigger doohickey (or misplace it in my bag). I'm all for sharper images but have never really gotten into mirror lock up. I think a photographer's DNA is set the first two years of their journey, and never used it.
  6. I don't know Dallas... it's a tough market out there in the "better than a phone, but not professional" market. If I were them I'd stick w/ the professional market and abandoned the consumer riff raff. The Japanese seem to be notoriously slow to admit when things are going south and to adapt. But like Ann says, from concept to market could take years; many things can change during that time... They prob made the right decision to cut their DL loses. Nikon and Canon are known for their technical savvy and durability.. they're the Toyoda and Honda of cameras. The Japanese have already lost the TV market and have major competition w/ cars: will they lose the camera market one day too? hope not.
  7. I think perhaps a single additional forum, for 'manufacturer news' or related, that covers all announcements like the Nikon one mentioned above might work? As for the DLs, I think Nikon's idea was DOA There will be high end cameras / DSLRs, cell phone cameras (Apples, Samsungs, ..), and maybe a few niche point-and-shoots like underwater doohickeys, incredibly powerful single lens zoom cameras (100x monsters), etc.
  8. How about a monthly challenge? I think weekly is too quick; unless you're between jobs that's a lot like work, and most people won't be able to do it. Could go mid month to mid month, i.e. 15 Feb - 15 March? G
  9. Since it's the dead of winter and the days are shorts/nights are long, how about this: Not to make good of the issue, but what about Depression as a topic? Shots of people, animals (if that's doable), even streets, towns, or cities. GB
  10. Nice angle and composition
  11. Hmm. I haven't read the description, figured I comment on what I see vs what I read. I like the overall darkness and the concept, but what bothers me is the lack of seeing his eyes. You can partially see one of them, but it's just enough to be annoying. I think if I could see more, or less, it would be better. Decent negative space, though I would have included a tad more of his right shoulder. But that's a nit pick.. it's very well done.
  12. Looking up at Mount Whitney, highest peak in the continental USA, from the Alabama Hills in Lone Pine, California. Nothing particularly special about this shot, I think, but the rocks seem to have nice geometry.
  13. Andrew - I think these shots offer some good architecture and fundamentals. Sometimes those really beat out the typical sunset. The thing that I notice though is how the sky just seems so blown out. Not sure you could have done anything about it though, as it looks like the typical wintertime NE sky, but perhaps a graduated ND filter could have brought out more detail? Gb
  14. Nice shot there. It shows emotion, which I think is really needed in shots like this. Video is tough for me, you have to keep the camera on the subject(s) at all times instead of exploring as I like to do.
  15. I certainly don't miss seeing a phone! Decent shot, a little obstructed, but I think that it might be the way you planned it. Good exposure considering the bright area behind her.