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  1. Terrific colors!
  2. I prefer the 28mm version.
  3. Armando, good luck! Even with ultra fast upload speeds it will take hours and days to upload your photo archives. I usually start the upload when going to bed and when I wake up it is done. Because upload speed varies during the hours of the day due to traffic/bandwidth, your fastest upload speeds are usually in the late evening and early morning hours. I have no doubt that Google, Dropbox, and Amazon cloud servers are much more reliable than the external hard drive that I used to use. I expect they use redundant backups and have highly qualified computer technicians maintaining their servers. Also, should thieves brake into my home and steal my computer and external hard drive I'd loose all my photos that I stored on them. Or, what if your home burned down. I don't know exactly where these cloud drive servers are, but I expect they are thousands of miles from where I live. It would take an earth ending natural disaster to wipe out both my home computer's hard drive and the cloud drive servers that I use (and if that happened I would not care) . Dave