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  1. Ann, Beautiful birds, I think my favorite is the last image
  2. A sad story about the chickens The combination of the building , truck tractor makes this a very attractive image Alan, Did it required much work to get the highlights under control ? I remember the shot you shared of a creek with the clouds and the sun, with plenty of details in the clouds highlights and the creek shadows
  3. another vote for the twisted tree
  4. nice series, really like the reflections in the water
  5. Alan, will you be venturing inside ?
  6. Ann, yes it is a Jacaranda tree Thanks for commenting
  7. 2 weeks ago the tree seem dead, and now ... D800 + 55mm @ f1.2
  8. Excellent Andrew, are you using focus peaking ?
  9. Outstanding series Chris, very beautiful birds !
  10. I had missed this thread Very nice Jupiter image Alan and a demonstration of how incredibly capable is the AF and OIS , it should be interesting trying Af with my D800, it can focus on the moon , but I have not tried anything as small as a star, or planet, my VR certainly can not do 1/30 with the 70-300 zoom
  11. Wow Chris, Fantatic series, all images are enjoyable IMO superb processing looking forward to the cranes in the snow images
  12. I'm sure if Michael keeps the camera, we will see some superb images created with this equipment I do enjoy seeing his experiments, mixing exotic lenses, bellows, etc ... and obtaining images with amazing quality PS: Regardig the ability to exchange merchandise, Amazon is now available in México and they are offering the ability to return items , no questions asked
  13. What a fantastic little bio, it does communicate Ann´s passion for whatever she does Read every single word, and enjoyed every single photo Thank you
  14. Fantastic images ! another vote for #1 as my favorite
  15. They certainly call attention, and are more dearing than I'm