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  1. Excellent! LOL
  2. another test shot ... camera on tripod, focus via live view, I'm holding her favorite toy so she stays put
  3. Great story reminds me of the movie Schindler's list To hear of someone actually benefited from such laborers is unexpected
  4. Michael, Besides the incredibly detail of your photos, the colors are consistently beautiful, rich and saturated, but still showing a lot of detail That is quite a rig !
  5. Wonderful series Andrew! Everything is top notch!
  6. I found this lens at a very low price in a facebook group, and located in the city where a friend lives, who came over this weekend... Called my friend, he agreed to do the transaction for me, the seller deliver it to his house, did a few test shots before completing the purchase. The lens arrived this morning at my office Currently I can only mount on the V1 via the FT adapter, the lens needs to be AI modified in order to mount it on the D800 A few images of the lens , and then I had to find a willing model to try it out, used a projector to put a bright white square on the wall and improve the light vs the regular office illumination , but still I had to use iso 800 on the V1, so the image is a bit noisy
  7. Fantastic, much more when seen large
  8. Outstanding images
  9. Agree 100%, without high volume models the fixed costs will need to be cut, endlessly, until they start to cut things that will hurt their long term survival. It is hard to understand why the reluctance to offer a good mirrorless camera, even with all it's quirks my V1 still takes better shots than any mobile phone, time will tell ...
  10. Exactly ... also I will not have to refer to the tutorial because I forgot what is the next step
  11. Dallas, Anthony, Yes it sound like overkill doesn't it ? Doing the shooting requires traveling to the right location, once there some persistence to find the objects in the sky and good luck with the atmospheric conditions, if everything is right then you spend 1 or 2 hours shooting something you can barely see (some people spend many nights shooting the same thing just to get more data), so once you are done shooting the images have to be stacked and then I want to do the best postprocessing effort to obtain the final image. With the technique I was familiar with - using deepskystacker - until I saw this video I was not getting the results I wanted, spending 10 to 15 mins playing with layers and sliders in PS is not that bad after all the time it took to collect the photos. Here is an image exported from LR with no adjustments, similar crop
  12. Thanks for the comment Ann, appreciate it !
  13. Do you already own the Tokina ? I bought because at the time was the bright wide lens for DX Very sharp, and for doing night shots it worked beautifully It is very contrasty, colors tend toward green, and has really bad chromatic aberration, this is from experience in 2010, with a version 1 11-16mm, if today I had the need for a wide DX zoom, I'll look for other alternatives
  14. Another shot taken from the Isabel Island This one took me five processing attempts to arrive to this result, I had 12 good 30 second frames to stack, deepskystacker was not getting me the result I wanted and I had given up assuming I had to little exposure time, or I did not know how to process it better. Today I found a video on youtube by Ian Norman (Lonelyspeck) in you tube in that he suggest a couple of different things from what I was doing: 1. Stacking in PS using a median to eliminate the noise 2. Using separate layers to process the color, luminosity and glow I'm quite happy with the result
  15. Fantastic images ! Love the heron shot Spoonbills have been in my bucket list for quite some time Nice to see the 300PF works so well with a TC Thanks for sharing your images