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Paradise Lost


Dallas Dahms

Paradise Lost

Went down to the beach on yet another typically sunny, Durban winter's day. I was walking South along the promenade with my Lumix GF-1 hanging loosely by my side. These two homeless women (obviously lesbians) were sitting next to the lifeguard tower, looking very forlorn. I didn't want to make a spectacle of taking their photograph, so as I was walking by I set the zoom as wide as it would go and clicked a shot literally from my hip.

Back in Lightroom I cropped it and then applied some B&W conversions and a vignette.

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    Rick Waldroup
    05 Aug 2012 23:33
    This is such a cool shot. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is also something slightly disturbing about it. I think it is the juxtaposition of the the two ladies and their body language with the resort area in the background that adds a sense of dread or better yet, a sense of melancholy.

    Great stuff, Dallas.
    OK... Rick says it well. I can actually feel their pain.... it is a powerful image imo.
    Thanks guys, much appreciated! At first I thought the one sitting down was a male, but when I see the image in Lightroom it's apparent that she is a woman.

    Durban seems to be a haven for the homeless, probably because of the warmer weather in winter. Many of them head this way from the highveld when the colder months arrive up there. You can't walk 100 metres along the beach front these days without being accosted by somebody begging for a handout. They're at every traffic light too. And the government does nothing about it.

    I can't wait to move away from here. The place is just a sad reminder of lost potential.