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Is it dark in there?

Is it dark in there?

As someone seems to have clicked a button to make this popular, I'd better add a few comments about it (oh and thanks to whoever did that).

The shot is in the tunnels of the former Fort Nepean at the entrance to Port Phillip Bay (near Melbourne, Australia). My son was a little nervous to enter because as well as the dark, there were sound effects (shouting & bangs) in there.

As for the tech side of things, I was experimenting with the capability of shooting in the dark with the new (to me) D7000. The shot is an in-camera B&W jpeg, with a slight touch of highlight slider to bring out the detail in the outside. Interestingly, pulling the shadow slider a long way across allows the writing on the beams to be read "Mind your head" it says.

ISO800, 1/50s and f/4.8