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Pergola - Bodnant Gardens.

bodnant garden infrared

Pergola - Bodnant Gardens.

A Pergola in Bodnant Gardens, North Wales. Taken with Converted Nikon D100 - 17-35mm f2.8 Nikkor.

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    Very interesting! How did you process this image? It almost looks like a painting.
    Hi Dallas, First, I set the W/B from green grass in bright sunlight. The converted filter is a 760nm. Load shot into CS5 ( now CS6) and run the Infra Red Photoshop Action from Lloyd Chambers (diglloyd.com) Taken from his section on Infrared Photography - Fine tune it with the various sliders. ( Ignore Gaussian Blur !!! ) Then with this shot I flipped it horizontally and flattened the image. Then used Two Nik Software filters - Sharpener Pro and Tonal Contrast from Color Efex Pro. Flatten again and use Curves to tweek the final image to my liking. :) I use a Mac with OS 10.7.4 - I find that all of my older Photoshop Actions - going back to CS3 - still work in CS6.

    Note: The reason for flipping horizontally is because those of us who read from left to right find a lead from left to right in a picture more natural and appealing - those who read the other way - from right to left - find the opposite direction more natural and appealing
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    Thanks for the info - definitely a winning process.