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Island Lagoon - Renversé

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© Scott Nilsson

Island Lagoon - Renversé

Kristy Nilsson in renversé at a lagoon near the edge of Frip Island, South Carolina.
Nikon D200-IR-590nm, Nikkor 18-55mm @ 24mm, f/8, 1/200 sec; ISO 100
© Scott Nilsson, Photographer - https://www.facebook...sonPhotographer

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    Cool (though warmly rendered)! :)
    14 Jul 2012 12:45
    Thx, sir - Greetings to the far side of the puddle! This is the inside back page of a national dance magazine here (USA) next month - and it got me a book cover gig ;)
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    It's lovely. And the high colour works to give a bit of fantasy feeling to the photo.
    15 Jul 2012 19:01
    Excellent shot Scott. Quite nice rendering.
    17 Jul 2012 17:44
    Thanks so much, Bob & Andrea - That was a wonderful week shooting exteriors in IR last summer... feel like I haven't gotten started (in UVIR) yet - life is too bloody busy and fast. Look forward to a lot more of both of your IR shots that I've seen in NG here; many have not seen them if they didn't go to the IR forum. Hope you're both doing great. Very best, always - sn