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The following is a list of camera stores that is linked to ratings topics on our forum. If you have purchased anything from any of the listed merchants please add your vote and comments about your experience to the thread found when clicking on the store name.

If you don't see a merchant that you have used in the list, please pop us a mail and we will add it.

North American Merchants

47th Street Photo (NYC)
Adorama (NYC)
B&H Photovideo (NYC)
Bergen County Camera (NJ)
Calumet Photographic
CameraQuest (Stephen Gandy)
Cameta Camera
Central Camera Company (Chicago)
Columbus Camera Group (ebay)
Helix Camera (Chicago)
Henry's (Canada)
KEH (Atlanta)
Midwest Photo Exchange
Photo Village
Ritz Camera
Samy's Camera (eBay)

European Merchants

Aperture Photographic (London)
Clifton Cameras (UK)
Gray's Of Westminster (London)
Kingsley Photographic (UK)
Morris Photographic (Oxford, UK)
Robert White (UK)

Asian Merchants

Australasian Merchants

African Merchants

Orms (Cape Town)
Outdoorphotoshop.co.za (Pretoria)
SA Camera (Cape Town)