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Fisheye-Nikkor 16mm f/2.8 AIS

Suitable For:

Extreme wide angle photography, creative photography

Camera Formats:



Focal length: 16mm
Maximum aperture: 2.8
Minimum aperture: 22
Angle of View: 180°
Maximum reproduction ratio: 1:13.4
Lens Elements: 8
Lens Groups: 5
Diaphragm Blades: ?
ED Glass Elements: 0
Autofocus: n/a
Minimum Focus Distance: 0.3m
Filter Size: no front filter
Filter Type: Rear mounting, L1BC, 056, A2, B2
Dimensions: 63mmØ x 55.5mm
Weight: 310g
Supplied Accessories: slip on front cap, rear filters

Bjørn's Rørslett's Overview:

The faster full-frame 16 mm lens has a radically different optical formula from its predecessor, and this helps give better corner sharpness and even image illumination. Central image sharpness isn't quite as impressive as with the older lens, though. Flare is extremely well controlled and ghosting normally is negligible if the front element is kept immaculately clean. It needs to be stopped down to f/8-f/11 for giving top results. The rear-mounted filter can be removed to give better close-focusing capacity, but then the lens won't focus to infinity.

Bjørn's Rating:

4 (F4)
4 (D2X)

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