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300mm f/2 ED-IF AIS Nikkor

Suitable For:

Telephoto work in low light conditions.

Camera Formats:

FX and DX


Focal length: 300mm
Maximum aperture: 2
Minimum aperture: 22
Angle of View: 8°10'
Focus Throw: ?
Maximum reproduction ratio: ?
Lens Elements: 11
Lens Groups: 8
Diaphragm Blades: 9
ED Glass Elements: 0
Autofocus: n/a
Minimum Focus Distance: 4m
Filter Size: 52mm
Filter Type: drop in
Dimensions: 183mmØ by 331mm
Weight: 7.1kg
Accessories: HE-1 hood, drop in filter

Bjørn's Rørslett's Overview:

A monster lens by any standards: Extremely big and bulky, heavy as a truckload of bricks, and horrendously expensive too. The image quality matches the price, though. Less than 300 units probably were manufactured. They are keenly sought by the movie industry and collectors with bottomless wallets.

This beast performs very well wide open to reach maximum sharpness at f/2.8. Contrast improves up to f/4. This lens was delivered with the specifically designed TC-14C converter giving a 420 mm f/2.8, but in my opinion, this combination isn't optimal because corner colour fringing can be troublesome for some scenes. However, the lens performs very well with the TC-301 to make a superb 600 mm f/4 unit (in fact, optically superior to the non-TC 600).

A legend in its own time. A pity it's next to impossible to haul around in the field without the user developing severe lower back pain.

Bjørn's Rating:

5 (F4, F5)

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