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20mm f/3.5 Nikkor-UD (non-AI)

Suitable For:

General wide angle photography

Camera Formats:

FX and DX


Focal length: 20mm
Maximum aperture: 3.5
Minimum aperture: 22
Angle of View: 94° FX
Maximum reproduction ratio: 1:11
Lens Elements: 11
Lens Groups: 9
Diaphragm Blades: 7
ED Glass Elements: 0
Autofocus: n/a
Minimum Focus Distance: 0.3m
Filter Size: 72mm
Filter Type: front screw in
Dimensions: 75mmØ by 57.5mm
Weight: 390g
Supplied Accessories: unknown

Bjørn's Rørslett's Overview:

This 11-element lens, designed for the Nikon F, allows the avid photographer an encompassing wide 94 degree view, without having to lock up the mirror as with the earlier 21/4 lens. Superbly built, the lens focuses effortlessly to 0.3m and needs a big 72 mm filter due to its impressive front size. It is surprisingly heavy, too.

Images produced by this lens are crisp and sharp, with just a trace of softness into the extreme corners unless the aperture collar is moved beyond the f/5.6 position. Even set wide open, the 20 mm exhibits outstanding field flatness. There is quite modest barrel distortion to be seen, and despite not being multi-coated, the lens does not flare easily. However, the lack of multi-coating manifests itself in a propensity for ghosting and by allowing direct sun-light to graze across the front element, you are certain to be rewarded by beautiful ghost impressions of the 7-bladed aperture opening. Thus, shooting with this lens under difficult light conditions should be done with frequent use of the stopping-down control on the camera to check for ghosts. Since I love to use the 20 UD on my range-finder Nikon S3, I have to accept the occasional occurrence of ghosts.

Bjørn's Rating:

4 (F5)

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